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Tuesday, November 22 2016

Re: Israel Mission Report

Dear Friends,

It is still amazing to me that God sent me to Israel for the specific mandate to PRAY and PROPHESY over that great nation! This was an unusual 3-week “boots-on-the-ground” mission trip to be sure – with the lion’s share of my time walking the streets in the heart of Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit made it clear that it was important that I be there to “OCCUPY” the land while praying for the country and for specific people. Being in Israel prior to the elections also was strategic, as the news there and in America revealed many terror threats were and still are being levied.
As physically demanding at it was at times, I am pleased to report that Spirit led prayer over regional gates was accomplished. I traveled southeast by the Dead Sea to Masada, to the northeast to the Sea of Galilee, over the eastern side of the city of Tel Aviv, and up to the northwestern seaside of Haifa. Just prior to going to Haifa, the local Israeli news announced that Russia had eight battleships passing by Israel on the Mediterranean Sea heading to Syria. These warships also passed through the English Channel, so the UK was on high alert and Spain denying their request to refuel also caused tensions to rise. They ended up refueling in North Africa. This political situation is still unfolding and continual prayer is vital. This important development in the Middle East didn’t get coverage by US new sources. Instead, the focus was and still is largely on the election, so we need to be vigilant.

The last regional trip I took in Israel was into the Palestinian city of Bethlehem – the birthplace of Jesus. I went specifically to meet up with a Christian journalist and his friend who was a former Muslim from Gaza. This young man’s testimony was so encouraging. He also confirmed that many conversions to Christianity are taking place because the Lord is revealing Himself through dreams and visions. I pray that encourages you to keep praying for these encounters, as this is the Father’s heart for hearts to be reconciled with His through the Lord Jesus.

I must tell you, a mission trip based on “prayer” is difficult to measure. I honestly have no idea what the Father did with the prayers spoken in and over Israel. Nevertheless, since this was the Lord’s mandate, I trust they were useful in building His kingdom. While I do have peace that it was a mission accomplished, I now face the outlay for the trip. I had very little time to raise funds for this trip before I left, and unfortunately lodging, ground travel, food costs, and unexpected expenses were greater than I had anticipated. At this point, I am sadly $2100 short.

If you feel the prompting of the Lord to sow into the “boots-on-the-ground prayers for Israel,” please do not delay in sending your tax-deductible offering. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and continued prayers for this ministry and for me.

In the Father’s love,
Rev. Judy A Bauman

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