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Jewels From the River & Jewels from the Harvest

"Jewels from the River "  and "Jewels from the Harvest"  are compilations of vivid encounters that will lead you on an unforgettable journey with Jesus. These “Jewels” contain life-changing lessons that reveal God’s ways and will for us on earth as it is in heaven.
Be challenged to go higher and deeper into the embrace of the Father’s love.

The Lord calls you His friend and invites you to “Come and be refreshed!”

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It has been our pleasure to be Judy Bauman’s pastors for several years. From the very beginning, she carried a clear prophetic gifting that she has further fine-tuned while serving at Daystar. It is our privilege to endorse this fascinating book that takes us deep inside Judy's own journeying with God. We love the honesty expressed, as she is not afraid to reveal her moments of doubt. Her picturesque writing will take you into new dimensions of experiencing God. There are surprising revelatory insights that blessed us and we are sure will bless you.

~Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow, Restore7 Ministries

As we begin to rule in this Kingdom Age, it shall be required of us to know Him. The Lord of Hosts is not returning at this time to rescue us but to set us ABLAZE that we might manifest His glory and push back darkness. If you are to follow our King in this pursuit, then I strongly encourage you to read Judy's book, Jewels from the River, which gives her personal, close-up encounters with Jesus. Her captivating visions and visitations with the Lord reveal His ways, His thoughts, and His will for us NOW. It will cause you to be Dangerous!

~ Kat Kerr, One Quest

You will find yourself on a wonderful journey seen through Judy's eyes as she shares her spiritual encounters that have occurred over the years. They will become alive to you as the Lord reveals His heart and His desire for an intimate relationship with those who call upon His name.

Janice VanCronkhite, JVC Artworks

Dear Ones, Prepare to experience a “Holy Stroll” with God and the one He has gifted with these Visions. Judy Bauman has the unique ability to write of her most extraordinary walk along the River with our Lord as her guide. When you turn the pages, you will be there as Judy writes in deep humility of God’s love, mercy, and hope for us. Prepare yourselves to read, to hear, to visualize, and finally -- to believe. “He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”

~ Kathleen Higham, Author

In Tiv, a native language of Nigeria, the name Nomkwase (warrior bride) is a special title given to women who jeopardize their lives while hunting or on battlefields. These women have tremendous strength, courage, and devotion. They are able to carry large jars of water to refresh an entire army of hunters and warriors. Rev. Judy is truly a warrior bride whose water never runs out! Like Ezekiel, who allowed the man to take him for a swim, please allow Rev. Judy to take you from ankle-deep all the way to the overflow of the river of the Spirit.

~ Michael Banka, The Invaders Ministry, Brighton, England

Judy Bauman is a gifted writer: articulate and engaging, but she is so much more than that. Her Jewels from the River usher the reader into the very presence of Jesus, and she makes it seem completely normal to walk, talk, and laugh with Christ. The underlying messages are convicting, encouraging, and life changing. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is seeking a closer walk with the Lord.

~ Anne Follis, Freelance writer and owner of

We met Reverend Judy Bauman a few years ago through a prophetic website and became fast friends. Our mutual love for the mission field was evident, so we invited her to come to Long Island, Bahamas, where we are missionaries. She ministered not only to the people here, but also to us as a couple. Her words were both powerful and touching. Rev. Judy challenges those around her go higher and deeper in their walk with the Father. We look forward to reading whatever she writes. Her transparency is delightful. She provokes us to jealousy in her relationship and love for the Father. Titles and positions aside, it is our privilege to simply call her friend.

~ Haddon and Sue Minns, Heart to Heart Ministries

Building “precept upon precept” with progressively deeper encounters and insights, Jewels from the River is truly a living account of the cumulative type of experience described in Ezekiel 47. With every new vision or experience shared in these pages, we are closer to, deeper in, hungrier for, and more intimate with our true Lord Jesus. Far more appealing than yet another narrative chronicling an entertaining but independent experience, this engaging account is an open and eager invitation for every reader to wade out a little bit deeper than they've ever been before and be with a Jesus Who is more.

Judy Bauman does in words what she does in deeds on a regular basis: makes everything about 'us' and 'we' rather than straining for a title or recognition, never disintegrating into manipulative cheerleading, but simply beckoning with irresistible enthusiasm. When I encounter effective writing such as this, the book always seems too short, and the Holy Spirit changes me with delectable tidbits, newly expressed perceptions and revelatory gems. "Jewels" is a now word from our loving Jesus, a thorough, genuine, Scriptural, eloquent, provocative nudge into a deeper pool.

~ Rev. Michele Gunn, Fresh Oil Ministries International


Millennia ago, a group of strange and eccentric individuals wandered through the deserts and visited the cities of Israel. They gathered in groups called schools of the prophets, but often they led lonely lives of isolation. They were God seekers who saw what others didn’t. They were as equally comfortable in a widow’s spare room as in the palace of a King. Those who needed a word of direction or insight from God sought them out. They saw what God said. These ‘seers’ were loved and despised, depending upon the listeners’ viewpoint.

As I read Judy Bauman’s manuscript, Jewels from the River, I instantly knew that this is the work of a seer. It is full of vision and symbolism that invites you into her world of prophetic insight. The interpretation of each vision is filled with intrigue, suspense, and revelation. Story is the medium of great teaching and communication. Jesus used storytelling to communicate the deepest truths of the Kingdom of God. He still speaks to us in this amazing context. Judy’s words really capture the story of her delightful discovery of amazing Jewels in the River of God and their significance in our lives.

This book is far more than a product of vision and imagery; it is Judy’s spiritual journal. I have known Judy for nearly a decade. I can say without hesitation that she is a woman after God’s own heart. She passionately pursues His presence. In the secret place of intimacy with Him, she writes what she sees as He speaks to her. I have often said that a journal is a record of our journey. I encourage everyone to keep a spiritual journal recording dreams and prophetic words as well as a detailed account of what God speaks to you in the secret place. Judy is a great example of this very practice. Jewels from the River contain open windows that allow us to see into her secret place with Jesus and profit from the things she has learned.

Prophetic language requires interpretation. All you have to do is read the book of Daniel or Revelation in the Bible to affirm this truth. The symbolism is not the way it is; rather, it is a representation of what is or will be. Often God will speak to us using language, symbolism, and metaphor with which we are most familiar. You will find these techniques as you read Jewels from the River. God speaks to Judy in ways He may not speak to us, but His methods are successful and the message is clear.

Jewels from the River is not meant to be a novel or just a journal. It is meant to quicken your own heart and awaken your desire to seek His presence in the secret place. Don’t wait any longer. Dive in! Immerse yourself in the amazing environment of prophetic vision. You will find yourself wanting more, and hopefully, you will seek Him for yourself. He is waiting…

~Dr Dale A. Fife, Founder and President of Mountain Top Global Ministries

Author: The Secret Place, The Hidden Kingdom, Spirit Wind, The Light Giver

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