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Monday, January 11 2016

Grace and peace to you and yours this New Year! So sorry for the late greeting, but my husband and I were traveling to visit his father.

Ministry Update: What Did We Do In 2015?

Kyampisi Childcare Ministries in Uganda has grown considerably. Their leader, Pastor Peter Sewakiryanga and his wife, Joeline, were here in September. It is amazing what God is doing there and through him to bring awareness to his campaign to End Child Sacrifice and to speak around the world concerning child trafficking. Their efforts have produced an increase in child sponsorship, but there is still so much to do at KCM. They had several ministries help with the efforts for their ever-growing community Christmas outreach!

Pastor Peter is also planning an ordination service this spring for the leaders at Kyampisi and has asked me to come to pray over those being ordained as well as to speak. Several other pastors have been asking me to come back for several years now. I would love to be able to go, but I can only go if God sends me. If you believe that is the Lord’s will, please contribute to that effort. When God is sending a person to a place, I believe He will make the provision for it. (See Matthew 10:40-42; 25:40) This trip costs about $3000 for airfare, local hotel, travel, phone, and meals.

The Father’s Love Int’l also helped a two other schools in Uganda celebrate Christmas. These are people we know well, have personally visited, and have maintained contact. One was in Musisi where my precious “Momma” lived. When I met this woman, Pastor David Okecho’s mother, she and I were instant friends. I learned this past week that she has passed away. I rejoice for her going home to see Jesus face-to-face, but she was the matriarch of 4 generations in that small village, and her passing leaves a big gap. She cared for 15 children that had no one else, and honestly, I don’t know who is caring for them now. When I sent the Christmas money to Pastor David, I received a text back from him. He wrote, “Thank you for loving Momma. Had it not been for you, we had actually gave up for Christmas. May the Lord bless your life and family abundantly. Merry Christmas.” Glory to God! If I had not had donations given to this ministry, I would not have been able to give to theirs! I am so grateful to our loving Father to have been able to bless her last Christmas here on earth. God is so faithful.

The other school we helped this year was in Jinja, Uganda with Pastor Fred Mwanje. It is my hope to bless more schools visited.

We were able to raise funds for Christian Disaster Response (CDR) to help with the growing crisis of Christian Syrians when they were still in Turkey. This effort helped with needed medical supplies. CDR is an amazing ministry that goes in when things are at their worst.

We have one lady who continues to help us to send support to Vertical Life Ministries and The Ebenezer House in Bolivia. I love that we have maintained that connection.

We also sent a love offering to Haddon and Sue Minns earlier in the year to help with their ministry efforts in Israel. They are now back in Long Island, Bahamas working to clean up after Hurricane Joaquin. That has been a very difficult effort. The hurricane gained strength just before hitting the narrow Island head-on. The south end, where Haddon and Sue’s ministry is based, was hit the hardest. This many months later, they just now got their internet back! Please keep them in prayer. If you want to help, I will send them all donations sent in for them (see website’s home page). I know it would be deeply appreciated.

Book Update:

After finishing my book, Jewels from the River, I set out to write a second book. In fact, I had to pull out about 7 chapters from the first one because it was getting too big (making it more expensive to buy). I have been working on it; however, after an onslaught of family and health issues that have demanded my attention, I am still not through the initial writing process. The chapters in this book are much more intense and speak to the direction of the church, so I want to make sure I carefully convey what I believe the Lord has shown me. Remember, in these visions I represent the Church. If they were just for me, I never would have shared them publically. Please pray for me that I would not only be able to finish the 2ndbook with everything going on, but that doors would open for me to teach and impart the Father’s love. It is my prayer that I only speak what the Father has sent me there to speak and pray what He would have me pray. It’s my hope to bring hot, fresh bread from heaven to serve to the people where I’m sent and to lift the name of Jesus! The greatest harvest is yet to come and there is so much to do. If you want to hear some of my teachings, go to You can only listen to these on a computer, not a mobile device as it uses Adobe Flash to operate.

Let Us Seek His Face!

While 2015 was full of challenges, God has been faithful. It is my hope to better follow and obey Him this year. Though it seems like I am still only throwing pebbles in an ocean of need, this is what I know: There is only One Savior and His name is Jesus! The Bible doesn’t tell us to seek God’s hand, but it repeatedly urges us to SEEK HIS FACE! If I have anything to impart, it would be this truth: WE MUST SEEK HIS FACE all of our days! By doing this, we will be able to know where God is directing us. We will hear what He is saying so we know what to speak to encourage others in Christ; we will feel and even smell His presence to know when He is moving so that we can move with Him. Come! Taste and see that the Lord is good! This is my prayer for you and for me. Let us pray and edify each other and those around us in Christ Jesus. Amen!

In the Father’s love,
Rev Judy A Bauman

P.S. I forgot about the water well, but you can read about that below.

As we prepare for Christmas, please remember us in your giving. The Christmas Dinner outreach in Kyampisi, Uganda has brought hundreds to the Lord and the region, which was once steeped in ritualistic witchcraft, is now enjoying godly transformation! We are so thankful for this, but do not want to rest on our laurels. So please, send a donation today so the leaders there can better plan this wonderful community event.
(Click link to the left for PayPal giving or go to Home page for mailing instructions.)

Thank you for your prayerful consideration. 



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