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Thursday, June 02 2011

Today I share from my heart about the season that is upon us…
 Happy New Year! You may be wondering what I mean by this because the calendar that most of us use shows we are in the first week of October 2011; however, the Jewish calendar reveals something else! The Hebraic New Year 5772 has just begun! Even as I write this we are in the midst of the Jewish celebration called The Ten Days of Awe. These are High Holy Days which Jews set apart for solemn reflection, repentance of heart and joyful hope which conclude on the holiest of day of Yom Kippur – The Day of Atonement. This is something much deeper than a time to make resolutions. “Resolutions” cannot bring about hope-filled redemption! In recent years I’ve noticed the Father’s heart move within the times and traditions of the Hebraic calendar, so I’m learning to pay closer attention to God-breathed holidays and feasts. (This website has a lot of helpful information:
The Father reveals Himself in different ways: As seasonal changes can be seen in the natural, so too can spiritual changes. For example, a person will exhibit new ways of speaking and treating others when they have truly repented of a life of sin and accepted salvation bought by Jesus the Messiah at Calvary. It’s like they have come out of the dormancy of winter and blossomed in spring! Something the Lord showed me awhile back is that at any given time in all areas of life we are in one of three stations: in preparation, in battle, or at rest. Wisdom is knowing which one we are in at any given point in time! Obviously we wouldn’t want to rush into battle when we are supposed to be preparing or resting – as well when we are in battle we first need to have rested up and gotten prepared in order to be victorious.
THE MISSION! Much of this year I’ve been at the Lord’s feet resting and earnestly seeking His direction. Today I write to share a vision so that together we may prepare for a coming mission. What I believe I’m seeing is a trip that will involve several destinations – including both Western and Eastern Europe, and at least three nations in Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda). In every nation visited I believe that many will be restored to the Father’s love and this will involve spiritual, emotional and physical healing as well. I sense that as we step out in faith together, the Lord will bring everything into focus at its perfect time and make all needed connections. He has been faithful to do this for every other mission trip He’s sent me on, and I trust completely He will again. 
The priests who carried the Ark across the Jordan River come to mind: They had to step out in faith and touch the water’s edge before the river ceased to flow – and all while it was in flood stage!!! This is how the Israelites entered the Promised Land! (See Joshua 3:14-17. Full story: Chapters 3 and 4) Given the day and hour in which we live, I sense an urgency to be prepared for more than just calamity. May wisdom prevail! It is not a time to shrink back; I believe it is time to prepare to advance the Good News of the kingdom of heaven like never before. This is what the Lord has called us to do as a Church. It is time to make a leap of faith and bring the impartation and edification of the Father’s Love to leaders and their congregations. If you believe you are to help send me on this mission quest, you may give online by credit card through PayPal or by check or money order to:
The Father’s Love Int’l Ministries
P. O. Box 1573
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
May the Father greatly bless you!
Sincerely your sister and co-laborer in Christ Jesus,
Rev. Judy Bauman

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