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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, October 30 2022

Jewels from Judy: “Women’s Health Is At Risk!”

Judy A Bauman

While I am not a politician or political activist, I do have strong viewpoints about certain topics, and those lessons have often come at a high price. This one is no exception. Sharing this testimony is difficult, but I know there are others who have had similar and even more difficult testimonies than I have. There are some that are in the valley of decision right now, and I hope that my story will help.

When I was 15, a Planned Parenthood (PP) opened in the small town where I was raised. My best friend, who was already sexually active, convinced me that I too should go and get birth control ‘just in case.’ To me, one of the great things about PP was that under-age girls could get free medical treatment and prescriptions and go there without their parent’s consent or knowledge.

During my first visit to PP, they had me watch a video about Planning a Pregnancy and Starting a Family. To my recollection, it was mainly about ways to avoid an unwanted pregnancy that would ruin my life, career, body, etc… This was of particular interest to me and why I was there. A close family member had gotten pregnant at 17 and married before her baby was born. As much as I loved that baby, I did NOT want to find myself in that situation. After a quick medical exam, I was prescribed a 28-day contraceptive which was taken for three weeks and then off for a week. The director at PP reassured me that if any of the birth-control methods failed, there was a foolproof method to end the pregnancy with an abortion. This also seemed logical to me at the time because we were taught by PP that it was not really a baby until the second trimester. After the exam, they gave me the lowest dose birth-control pill saying they did not want to chance the pill raising my blood pressure. I took that for nine years and when I stopped taking it to start a family, I thought it would take six months to a year to get the effects of the chemicals out of my system. Surprisingly, I found myself pregnant after six weeks!

I called PP and let them know I was pregnant and wanted to get my records sent to my Obstetrician (OB doctor). The voice on the other end asked if I wanted to schedule an abortion. I politely declined stating that this was a “planned pregnancy” and I just needed all my medical records (for the past 9 years) sent to my OB doctor. The person sounded confused and asked me again if I wanted to schedule an abortion. Understanding their position, I said, “No, I took Planned Parenthood’s advice, and this is a PLANNED pregnancy! I am calling to get my medical records sent to my OB doctor.” I was flabbergasted when asked a third time if I wanted to schedule an abortion! The person on the other end of the phone seemed to be going in circles, so I just hung up and shook my head. At that point, I became very upset. I thought that was the very LAST option, but it was presented as the first choice before keeping the baby! This was when I began to see what kind of misleading advice I had actually gotten from them. I had always told people they didn’t know the good PP did, but my eyes were opened, and the tangled web of deceit begin to unravel.

I honestly thought they were looking out for my health; however, I recently learned from the testimony of a former PP director, Abby Johnson, that they purposely gave that low dosage because it was often ineffectual. The woman taking it would have a greater chance of getting pregnant, and when she did, they would encourage her to get an abortion. Abby Johnson reported that abortions were, and still are, Planned Parenthood’s big money maker. Abortion on demand has been packaged as “a women’s health” issue, and Democrats claim that women’s health is now at risk because Roe vs Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. But is it?

Because many are at complete odds with each other, people are not hearing what the other side is saying. Many who are pro-choice don’t realize that decision by the Supreme Court did not make it illegal but turned the matter over to each state to decide. Some are calling it a “constitutional right” but abortion was not legal in the US until 1973. The Constitution was written in 1787 and the Bill of Rights in 1791, so what is really going on with all this?

It seems to me that women’s health is being used like pawns on a chessboard.

One thing I have noticed is that pro-life people are now being called anti-abortionists. So instead of being known for what they support, they are known for what they are against. This is a very subtle thing, but it makes those who value the life of the baby at odds or even enemies of those who are pro-abortion. They are being painted as “extreme.” This is not how it really is for those who want to save the lives of unwanted babies. The list of women whose hearts are shattered by the experience is long. The list of couples hoping to adopt is long too!

Anthony Levatino, a former abortion doctor, who has estimated aborting over 1200 babies in his career, has testified that what they remove from the uterus of the pregnant woman is indeed a human child and every doctor performing them knows this because they have to account for all the body parts removed. If they don’t, the woman’s life really is at risk. So why do they try to convince us that it isn’t a human child? If women really thought about what was happening to their child, they would most likely not go through with an abortion.

We need to take a long look at how abortion really supports women’s health. Is the number of women raped or pregnant by incest that great a number, or is this a smoke-and-mirrors tactic? I have listened carefully, and I don’t hear anyone that is pro-life who will put into law that abortion will be illegal in those rare cases and in the case of the mother’s life being at risk.

While the practice has been done for centuries, it was a very rare thing to have occur, yet since 1973, over 63 MILLION abortions have been performed in the USA. Who was behind this movement here? In 1921, Margret Sanger established the American Birth Control League, which would eventually become Planned Parenthood. In her publications and letters, she made it clear she hated people of color and advocated eugenics using birth control with the ultimate goal of eliminating ‘unwanted’ people. This money-making machine purposely places its facilities in low-income, minority neighborhoods. If you look at who has won Planned Parenthood’s yearly Margret Sanger Award, you will see a pattern of politicians you do not want to trust or vote for if you love the diversity of life we enjoy in the USA.

In closing, I will tell you that I have known a number of women who have had an abortion, and they all have had a difficult time coming to terms with killing their own child. It is a painful and emotional thing. Abby Johnson reports that no emotional support, counsel, or even discussion on what to expect is ever given a woman prior to the abortion. Many really didn’t know what to expect and it has been a lonely road. I respect those who were once in the abortion industry, like Johnson and Levatino, that now advocate for life and are helping others traumatized by abortion. After learning just how deeply nefarious PP is, I am so thankful for the bravery of these activists. If you or anyone you know needs counsel on how to recover from having or giving an abortion, please go to

Respectfully yours,

Judy A Bauman

October 30, 2022

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