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Jewels From Judy

Tuesday, July 05 2022

Jewels from Judy: Harmonize with My Lovingkindness

Judy A Bauman

An exhortation from the Father: Harmonize with My Lovingkindness

“How many people in the world right now are focused on politics and what politicians can do for them? How many are focused on Me and what I can do for them? I will tell you, very few.

“Even those who say they trust in Me have actually placed their hopes and plans in what ‘their’ politicians can do for them. While I want you to vote because it is a privilege I endorse, I do not want your heart and soul caught in a web of misdirection. Upon what path have I set your feet? What eternal consequence does any election have? Your integrity is attached to My name – the name of Jesus. When people you have tried to share My love with seeing you ranting on and on about an election, you are tarnishing My name. You are dragging My name into an arena of your choosing, not Mine.

“Everything is permissible, dear one, but not everything is profitable. You have the freedom to speak your mind, but if your words do not edify the one hearing, then you are not in harmony with My will on earth. This disharmony does not reveal My intentions nor does it convey the truth of My word. Being contentious is rooted in pride that you are right and others are wrong. You are saying that you know what is best, but you are mistaken. Only I know what is best for you, your nation, and the world. Seek My counsel in this matter instead of looking for those who agree with your position and contending with those who don’t. Are their eternal souls worth so little to you?

“Lay down your battle-ax, beloved, and pick up My word. Don’t be like a loud gong, or a note played out of key. Harmonize your words and deeds with My lovingkindness and see what I do.”

Lovingly your,

This word was given to me in April 2016 and was released at that time. I edited it because of a couple of typos, but I happened on it today and I believe it really speaks into this time in history just as much as it did in 2016. jb

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