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Jewels From Judy

Wednesday, April 27 2022

Jewels from Judy: Come, Sit At My Table
Judy A Bauman

A word of exhortation from the Lord: Come, Sit At My Table

“Many of My beloved ones are asking Me questions about their own spiritual hearts’ condition. Unfortunately, many who have called themselves by My name have never known Me. They eat from the table of the Pharisees and Sadducees and wonder why their prayers hit the ceiling and bounce back. They are puffed up by the teachings of the industrial church, the denominations that mix a little bit of scripture with a lot of opinion and false teaching. Some go as far as to indoctrinate their sheep into the doctrines of devils and mislead millions with itchy ears – hearing what they want to hear and dying in their sin thinking it’s okay with Me.

“Because many leaders are building their own kingdoms, judgment sits at their door. The blood of Jesus is not on the doors of their hearts, and because I am far from their thoughts, they are vulnerable prey for the kingdom of darkness.

“Like the seven churches in Revelation, the warnings in My messages must be taken seriously:

  • “Remember your First Love and do the deeds you did in the beginning. Repent and you will eat of the fruit of life!
  • “Do not fear what you are about to suffer. You will be tested. You will go through tribulation. Be faithful and receive your crown.
  • “Repent for embracing the teachings of the world's lascivious immorality and stop receiving it in your home and church. Do not bless what I curse and do not curse what I bless, or the sword of My word will come against you. Repent and I will give you a new name and feed you from My table.
  • “Stop being tolerant of prophets who lead you away from Me. Do you not see the spirit of control, intimidation, and manipulation at work? Why would you listen and even take on that wicked spirit with all My warnings about immoral behavior? Will you commit idolatry, which is adultery to Me? Repent and I will reward your deeds. Holdfast, stand firm, overcome and I will give you authority over the nations!
  • “Wake up! Have I not instructed to strengthen that which is weak? Remember who you are in Me. Repent and keep true to what you have heard, and I will give you white clothing to cover your nakedness. Do not cause your name to be erased from the Lamb’s Book of Life!
  • “I have given you the keys of David. There is a door, an open door before you. It is a door of opportunity. Will you walk through it? If you refuse, I will shut the door and it will remain locked. If you go through, I will preserve you from the hour of testing which is being poured out upon the earth. I am testing you, My people, so that no one can steal your crown. When you overcome, you will become a pillar in My house, My holy city, which will come down from heaven. Have I not revealed this fact?
  • “Shake off the cold-heartedness and spit out the lukewarm teachings that come from teachers who tickle your ears. Burn with hot love for Me! Stop looking at your wealth or lack of it. Stop looking merely to government programs to feed and clothe you when the promises I have given you are so much richer! I have gold that has been purified. I have the finest clothing. I have oil to heal your blindness. Seek Me for your needs, for I am a jealous God. I bring correction to those I love, and the fruit that you will bear will be peace, joy, and love for being trained by My hand.

“Open the door of your heart to Me and let Me come inside and dine with you. Take My Supper, the Lord’s Supper, in memory of My passionate love for you. Take the Bread that came down from heaven which was given for you. I am in you, and you are in Me. Take and eat! Take My cup! It is not My wrath or judgment that I desire for any. This is why I am slow in My coming. I want all – ALL – to repent! I desire none to be lost. Drink deeply of My love for you and know that I will never fail you. Stay close and hear what the Spirit of the Living God is saying to you each day.”

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