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Jewels From Judy

Monday, November 02 2020

Jewels from Judy: American Pharoah
Judy A Bauman

The Holy Spirit woke me up a couple of hours before I normally arise and prompted me to share an urgent message with you. Though I am reluctant to, there is too much at stake not to obey Him.

The Lord’s been speaking to me for some time about the racehorse American Pharoah, and more recently about the differences between the two pharaohs of Egypt found in Genesis and Exodus. To quickly sum up and clarify, the pharaoh in Genesis that I refer to is the one who God gave a dream that only Joseph, the imprisoned Israelite, could interpret. This dream warned of a great famine and revealed how to prepare for it. The pharaoh, seeing Joseph’s godly wisdom and discernment, set him over all the land of Egypt to oversee the storage of grain for the famine. (See Genesis 41) Because of Joseph’s leadership and keen insight, all the people in the known world, and particularly his father, Jacob, along with his brothers were saved. We know this to be the 12 tribes of Israel.

The second pharaoh’s story is a long one and is found in the first 15 chapters of Exodus. It is written in chapter one that after Joseph and all his brothers had died, a new pharaoh came to power that did not remember Joseph. This leader was paranoid about the numbers of Israelites living in his land and enslaved them. After hundreds of years of captivity, this pharaoh was commanded by God through Moses to let the Israelites go free. As we know, 10 plagues later he finally did, but then changed his mind and caught up with them at the Red Sea. Because this leader would not bend to God’s will, it did not go well for him or his people.

Both of these pagan leaders believed themselves to be gods, HOWEVER, one was pliable in the hands of the Lord and the other hardened, cruel, and unmoving. Keep this in mind as I share a little history as to how the Lord unfolded this analogy of the “American Pharaoh.”

While sitting in a cafe on June 16, 2015, I was reading a prophetic post about a racehorse named American Pharoah (misspelled on his legal paperwork). He had won the Triple Crown ten days prior and was the first horse to win that prestigious trophy since 1973. It was a big deal! Only 12 horses have won the Triple Crown in history.

You may be asking yourself, where is Judy going with this, and does God really speak through such events? Please stay with me as the Lord does indeed use odd things to confirm a revelation is from Him and not from our own minds. I could site many biblical examples of odd things God has used to demonstrate His power and sovereignty.

Though the cafe was closing, the staff told me it was all right for me to stay and enjoy my coffee while they cleaned. The prophetic word I was reading at that moment was about how God was going to raise up unlikely leaders, which He would then use to put godly leaders in place – as He did with the pharaoh in the days of Joseph.

For years, I have heard multiple prophetic voices proclaiming a generation with like callings of both Joshua and Joseph will arise and lead the people in desperate time, so I was very interested in the post. I was trying to tune out the news broadcast from the TV behind me; however, the broadcast was getting louder and louder as the staff kept turning up the volume.

The person giving the speech was saying that the U.S. was in trouble and that there were things that could be done to fix it. I agreed with what he said that day; however, the speaker was very blunt, abrupt, and often rude in his statements. I thought to myself, the media is going to eat this guy for lunch!

Finally, he piqued my interest and I turned around to see who the brave, but brazen, soul was that I was hearing speak. I was shocked –no, stunned – to see Donald Trump announcing his candidacy for the President of the United States! The Holy Spirit immediately showed me a VERY INTERESTING connection between this man and what I was reading about the pharaoh of Joseph’s day. Believe me when I tell you that my opinion of Trump didn’t faze the Lord, but His opinion sure affected mine!

People are saying it stinks that we have to choose between two evils. (By the way, this is said every election.) But let’s step back from our own opinions a minute and look at the bigger picture. If you look at the two pharaohs of Genesis and Exodus, you can see a picture of what the Lord has been speaking to my heart concerning this election. Though both pharaohs were wicked in their own right, one relented to the will of the Lord, and the other defied Him. The first one in Genesis acted wisely, the second, foolishly. This first pharaoh saw a leader that would bring about restoration and preservation for the people and put him into position. The people under the rule of the second pharaoh suffered terribly, and his heart was so hard, he didn’t seem to care.

Understand, I am NOT saying the Lord has told me the outcome of the election. He has not. I’m just telling you the prophetic picture He has given me about it. No matter what happens, I have His peace. Though a lot of confusion has been sown into this election, and it will no doubt get uglier before Election Day, our God is not the god of confusion. We have a choice. God used the pharaoh of Joseph’s day for good and I do believe that His desire is for us to have a leader that is pliable in His hands. God gave us freewill. The question is, will we ask the Lord how to cast our vote, or do whatever we want? I do know we must give an account for our words (spoken or omitted).

If you are outside the USA, please pray for the United States during this process; however, if you are having a difficult time deciding whom you will cast your vote in the coming US election, I hope you will look beyond the candidates. Think about how many plans and people a president puts into place. Think about the nomination for the Supreme Court that is on the table. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a no vote or a third-party vote is a righteous one. As Edmond Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” This is why I cannot remain silent on this issue.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
The righteous run to it and are safe.
Proverbs 18:10

In the Father’s love,

Judy A Bauman
First shared 2016, resubmitted for your discernment


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