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Jewels From Judy

Saturday, October 03 2020

Jewels from Judy: Come Let Us Reason Together!
Judy A Bauman

Come Let Us Reason Together!
This morning, I awoke with such an intense sense of urgency for the people of God. I have wrestled all day with what the Lord showed me in a moment. There is so much confusion right now about things going on in the world, especially for those tuned into the constant barrage from the daily news cycle. If you are feeling perplexed about the upcoming election, you are not alone. It is not commonly known, but over 25,000 professing Christians are not yet registered to vote, and many that are registered do not bother with it. Does this surprise you? It did me!

Many church leaders have taught that Christians are not to mingle with governmental issues, but we need to ask, is that truly Biblical? There are some Scriptures that seem to point to that conclusion; however, if we rightly divide the word of truth, we see there are many more Scriptures that reveal God takes great interest in all areas of our life, not parts and pieces of it. Given there is so much written in the Bible about different governments and how they affect the people, I believe God is keenly interested in it.

Do Not Be Silent; Use Your Voice for Good
God gave you a voice and He gives you the choice to use it. Know that not only is your “yes” or “no” being weighed in the balance, but so is your silence when He asks you to speak. If you feel confused, go boldly to the Throne of Grace, and stop paying attention to what others tell you to believe! Instead, ask the Father to give you spiritual eyes to see what true issues are at hand. He will! Say “yes” to God’s ways and “no” to what He detests. This is wisdom.

As the Lord urges, let us come and reason together. Please, do not stay silent and do not turn a blind eye at this crucial (kairos) moment of time. If you are an American and are not registered to vote, please register today. It varies from state to state, but please do not delay because October 5, 2020, is the cutoff day for most states. Beloved, the time is now to be a united voice and bring God’s ways back to the United States of America. Selah

In the Father’s love,
Judy A Bauman

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