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Jewels From Judy

Wednesday, April 15 2020
Will You War Over My Promises?

Jewels from Judy: “Will You War Over My Promises?”

By Judy A Bauman

The Lord is asking, “Will you war over My promises?”

This morning the Lord asked me, “Will you war over My promises?” I knew this question was not meant for my benefit alone but was also intended for the Body of Christ. I asked the Father to help me understand our part in the battle because I know we are much more motivated to fight for something when we understand what is at stake. This was His response:
“When I give a promise, it is not a ‘done deal’ as some would make it out to be. It is My desire that you partner with My plans. When Esther was taken to the palace, she was told perhaps she was there ‘for such a time as this.’ However, prior to that, Mordechai let her know that if she didn’t approach the king, even at the peril of her own life, she would not escape destruction. He said that deliverance of the Jews would come from someone else if she didn’t speak up for them.

“You, beloved, have been brought into My kingdom for such a time as this. You are not just here for beauty treatments and notoriety. You are in My kingdom and you do have favor with Me but you mustn’t take your position with Me lightly.

“When I give a promise, know that the enemy will do everything to fight against it. Don’t allow him the victory! I tell you it is a new era, a season for a great harvest. Your enemy says it’s a season of death. Do you see what he’s doing? The devil will work to bring about the opposite of what I say, but the question I have for you is simple. Who will you believe? Whose words will you align yourself with and who will you choose to follow? There is power in agreement! Remember, faith is believing what you can’t see. Fear is constantly being shoved in your face, but you do not have to consume it. You can dine at My table or the devil’s, but you can’t partake of both. You have a choice.

“Many personal promises given to My beloved ones go unfulfilled because there is more belief in what is seen than faith in what I have said. What will it be for you? I ask again, will you war over My promises?” ~ end

Reflection: When I first heard the Lord ask if we would war over His promises, I could hear Christian voices that passively say, “If God said it, He’ll do it.” While this is commonly believed, I felt His disapproval to this type of passive thinking. It doesn’t require us to engage with what He is doing in the earth. He says “Yes,” to His promises, but we are to respond to the glory of God and say, “Amen!” (2 Corinthians 1:20)

It is His good pleasure that we take part in His plans as we are His ambassadors, his representatives, for a reason. His call for us to war over His promises is the call to stop the enemy from stealing from us! God’s promises will be fulfilled, but if we don’t participate with His plans, He will look for another who will value His promises.

Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” It is His good pleasure to give us an abundant life, but we need to examine our part in the process. Think about how the persistent widow relentlessly fought for justice in Jesus’ parable in Luke 18:1-8. Be assured that your Father is the Righteous Judge and He hears you! Will He find faith on the earth when He returns? I pray He does!

Artwork by Janice VanCronkhite

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