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Wednesday, April 25 2012

Come Dine at My Table of Hope:  A word From The Father
“Wrote this concerning the gross darkness blanketing this rising generation:
“There has been unleashed upon the earth a brutal spirit of cynicism as never seen. What once would have been unheard of to speak to another out of concern for the other’s well-being is now being shouted without restraint throughout the global internet community.
“Words (spoken or written) bring life or death, correction or rebellion, encouragement or discouragement. You can cause another to stumble and live in darkness because of your words, or you can lift others up and bring the light of hope back to their eyes. Remember, you will be held accountable for every word uttered. 
“This rising generation is being bombarded with words that do not edify, comfort, build or instruct. These words wound their souls beyond recognition and cause heard-heartedness; they defame and undermine one’s future and hope. Without vision my people perish and what many are listening to on a continual basis is bringing their hearts down in fear, discouragement and depression. 
“The enemy of your souls is attempting to unleash a spirit of death, suicide and murder over this generation like the world has never seen. For an example, he is using the words being broadcast throughout the internet in the form of comments to unleash great harm. Many of those words are in agreement with his plans. This is why your willingness to continually release My words of life are so vital at this time. 
“Those who eat at My Table of Delight will share the hope, joy, peace, compassion, edification and love that is given there! However, those who eat at the table of Continual Discontent will ingest the putrid meal of blame, contention, gossip, slander and death. They will vomit it out on everyone near them.  I Am your Shield and in My presence I will keep you from being defiled.
“I have set a table before you of hope and blessings. It is served in My presence. You are not to get into agreement with what the enemy is saying, but what I AM saying! Do not clamor and say, “It is a conspiracy!” Have you not heard, “Come, let us magnify the Lord and let us exalt His name together”? Wait for Me even if it seems I Am hiding My face from you; for I shall surely move on your behalf if you wait.
“Do not be in fear of what others dread – as their food continually feeds their worst nightmares.
“Come My beloved, come and sit at My table and eat of life and light. Eat My bread and drink My wine. Fill yourself on the meat of My provision. Eat what is good and let your soul delight in abundance. 
“Where you see others speaking death, you speak life. Where they speak judgment, you speak mercy. Where they speak ignorant opinions, you speak My mind in the matter and bring the word of hope I give you. (If there is not hope or life in your words, they are not from Me.) Bring the goodness of My hope and love to your conversations, and see what I do in your life in spite of the gross darkness surrounding you.
Be My salt
Be My light
Be My hands
Be My feet
Be My voice
Your Ever-present,

Scriptures to ponder: (NKJV) 
 Psalms 1:1; 34:3; Proverbs 18:21; Matthew 12:35-37; Jeremiah 29:11-14a; Isaiah 8:11-14a; James 3;5-18; 4:1-10; 2 Timothy 3:1-7; 2 

Additional words to ponder:  

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May you be blessed in the Father’s love! 

Sincerely your sister and co-laborer in Christ Jesus,
Rev. Judy Bauman

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