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Jewels From Judy

Friday, April 10 2015

“Many ask how I could allow the sufferings of this world to go on, but they fail to understand that I have given earth’s dominion into the hands of mankind. What I give, I do not take away.1  My Son taught how to walk in that dominion by His very actions and words. Jesus didn’t do or say anything unless I showed Him to do or say it.

“In Roman’s 8, Paul gives important insight on this truth. He wrote that all creation longs and waits in earnest expectation for the revealing of the sons of God. In that same chapter, Paul revealed that every person who is led of My Spirit is a ‘son of God’ and therefore My child.2 This relates to one’s standing with and in Me, regardless of gender, nationality, or statuses with and in the world. 3

“Creation will rejoice when My Church, My elect, My chosen, My remnant, My children rises up to be who and what I created them to be in Christ Jesus. The earth longs for My glory to be revealed through the sons of God. It longs for the manifestation of My glory.4  While the Church is awaiting Jesus’ return, I Am awaiting the triumphant revealing of My sons. Creation longs to be set free from the curse that was set in motion in the Garden.5 By one man’s disobedience the curse of sin and death entered the world, but by one Man’s obedience, even to death on the Cross, My love was made manifest. 6

“The revealing of My sons will come when My Church picks up My Banner of Redemption and runs with it! This does not mean to run to convert great numbers, which one can then become puffed up and boastful, but to run to reveal My love and sonship to those I have shown you. I seek those who worship Me in spirit and in truth and will not love their lives even if it calls for their death. 7 They will do and say only what I reveal in the secret place. Creation will rejoice when my chosen ones come on the scene. Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!

“My body, the Body of Christ, cannot reveal My redemption when they say they are coming (praying) in My name unless I have actually sent them. Ambassadors don’t speak on their own behalf, but on behalf of the nation or kingdom they represent. If you want to see the manifestation of My kingdom in your life, you must go where I send you, do what I instruct, and speak what I have said. This will be much more effective than telling Me what it is you want Me, the God of all creation, to do. The world is in great suffering and darkness, so understand your place in My purpose.

While you look for Me to move, I Am looking for you to make manifest My glory! It is for this reason I sent you My Holy Spirit. 8
Seek My face (pray for My will, direction, commands). 9
Say and Do what I speak and show you. 10
Expect My power and authority to increase as you take steps in Me (from glory to glory).11
Take no glory to yourself (you may enjoy My glory, but be vigilant to take none for yourself – learn from those who did. Do not boast!)12
Humble yourself continually under My mighty hand and I will lift you up. 13
“I have given you a directive to walk in My love and light. When I return, will I find you doing so?”14

Lovingly yours,


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4 Manifest: Strong’s Concordance Greek #602 apokalypsis: revelation, what is revealed, disclose, to make information known with an implication that the information can be understood. This refers in the NT to God making known, especially to close associates. Revelation, coming, appearing, lighten, manifestation

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Ministry Note: Many have written to tell me they really appreciate my putting in the Scripture references. Some are using it for not only personal study, but for Bible studies and group discussions. (Feel free to write me with any questions or comments you may have.) If you would like a pdf of this or any other post, please let me know.

In the Father’s love,
Judy Bauman

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