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Jewels From Judy

Wednesday, April 23 2003

Born Crucified

Am                                            E                          Am
A Babe lying in a manger, a familiar Christmas scene

C                            E
Reveals to us how God's love can be seen


C                  G                  C         E
The Babe in the manger was born to die

C                G             C             E                   Am/C 4x
The Babe in the manger was born crucified, born crucified

Am                     E                 Am/C
His tiny hands carved out so delicately

Am                    C                E
Remind us how they were nailed at Calvary


Am                     E                 Am
He came from Bethlehem with The Cross on His heart

C                     E
The Babe in the manger willingly did His part


Am                   E                 Am/C        
God's mighty hand is ready to pick you up

Am                         C                              E
The Babe in the manger drank from the bitter cup


Judy Bauman © 1998

Thank You Father for the revelation of this song.  Even as I read "The Christmas Cross" by Max Lucado and You let me know You were going to give me a song and You did. This is such a difficult song to sing, but it so tenderly and so accutrately tells this story - the story of Your great love for us.  Thank You, Jesus! 



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