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Jewels From Judy

Saturday, October 04 2003

God's Garden

G                                      D
There have been times I let you down

C                         G                            D
Times when my own head hit the ground

G                                                D
Now I can help you by holding out my hand

C               G                   D                    G
And lift you into the light   The beautiful light


C                                   G
Now is your chance to show the world

C                         G                          D
The contrast of light from deep darkness

C                                           G
Let the light shine from your face

C                    G                      D
Let the light shine from your voice

C                       G                         D
Let the light shine from your heart and your soul

C                   G                      D                 G
And the world will want what you've got  They'll want (need)what you've got

G                                       D
Don't let the enemy bring you down

C                G                D
It's his way to dim the light you've found

G                                         D
Satan's trick is to twist God's plan around

C                   G                      D                      G
He fails when you live in the light God's wonderful light


G                                         D
Now That you've heard God's Word

C                         G                        D
Go out and bring in the harvest

G                            D
Then watch  the blossoms turn to fruit

C                  G                      D                       G
We are what makes up God's garden God's beautiful garden

Copyright ©1997 Judy Bauman

Is 2:5,  5:7, 31:12, 58:11, Jer 31:12,  Mic 7:8-9, Mat 5:14-16, 6:22-23,  11:30, Lu 10:2, 11:33-36, Jo 1;4-9, 8:12, 9:5, 12:46, 1 Co 3:9, Col 3:14, Gal 2:20, 6:9, Ja 3:17-18, 4:10, 5:6-7, I Th 5;1-11, II Th 2:3-17, 3:6-15, I Pet 2:19

Father,  I'm overwhelmed by Your grace and mercy.  Sometimes Your joy takes on such an intensity I cry.  In a dark world that so needs Your light, I thank You for allowing me to grow in Your garden by Your light. Thank You for this song to testify to my brother.



Aug. 23, 1997

Posted by: Judy Bauman AT 09:44 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
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