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Jewels From Judy

Friday, May 30 2003

Put Your Armor On Me

A                            D          
One day I looked up and gave God my life

E                                   A
I said, "I'll be your soldier.  For you I will fight."

This announcement sent shock waves throughout the spirit realm

E                       A
and the battle raged from that day on


D                                   A
Oh Lord dear God put Your armor on me now

D                                   A
I ask you in Jesus name

D                                   A
Protect me my Lord from my enemies

E                                    A
**Thank you Father for the strength you give to me

A                                      D      
I was a wounded soldier no one trained me to fight

E                                           A
I stood facing the enemy with no help in sight

My love for God grew more confused as each day passed by

E                                       A
But I hung on tightly or I knew surely I'd die


A                                       D
There were times in my life I took the Devil by the hand

E                                       A
Since in my loneliness he seemed the only friend I had

But I when realized my error a puppet I was bound

E                                         A                        
But the Lord freed me to wear His crown

( no chorus) Interlude (or whatever music  writers call this part!)

D                                    A
I was a wounded soldier with no army in sight

D                                    A
Until I learned God's way to fight

D                                     A
The Prince of Peace came and showed me right

E                                     A
Now I stand bravely in his light  (enough rhyming for ya!?)

A                                       D      
My shield of faith I hold high, My sword I swing with pride

E                                     A
The helmet of salvation snugly on my head just right

My belt of truth around my waist, my shoes of peace tied tight

E                                     A
My breastplate of righteousness I wear into the night

**3x last line Praise you Lord...

Eph 1:18, 6:10-18   Ro 8:26, 10:15, 13:12-14   IThes5:8-9   Isa 11:5, 52:7, 49:2, 59:17, 

Copyright © 1997 by Judy Bauman 

5/30/97 and 6/23/97

Dear Father, Holy Spirit, Wonderful Counselor,

Thank you for this song that I can share with my brother who means so very much to me.  Thank you for the work you are doing in him and his family's lives.  I know you have been with us through the good times and the bad. You see all and know all.  Thank you for the ways you work for us that we are unaware of, yet our lives are blessed because you held us up in your righteous right hand.  Thank you for revealing your beautiful armor to your soldier.  

Your loving daughter, student, patient,


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