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Jewels From Judy

Saturday, May 03 2003

Pullin' Up Stakes

G                             C
A good friend is hard to come by

G                             D
I don't like the thought of losin' you

G                            C
Your smile's on my mind and I want it to stay there

G              D            G
I will miss you


C                             G
This mobile lifestyle is wearing me down

C                                G
and I'm feeling downright blue


(sad & blue/lonely too)

C                                G
Pullin up stakes again means I won't be seein' you

D                                G
And I wonder if we'll meet again

G                                 C
You say so sweetly the dawn brings a new day

G                                 D
Time for change is here

G                                 C
Startin' over without you

G                 D                G
Fills my heart with tears


G                                   C
I want to stay, but I guess I'll be going now

G                                   D
I hope you'll remember me

G                                 C
Your smiles on my mind and I want it to stay there

G             D               G
I will miss you

copyright © 1995 by Judy Bauman 5/3/95

My Dear Lord,

Thank for the gift of writing songs.  Before I even knew you had called me to serve You in this way, I wrote this song.  Thank you allowing me to serve you in such a joyous way.

Your willing servant,     



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