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Jewels From Judy

Friday, June 20 2003

The Cat and the Mockingbird
Judy Bauman

The cat lay lazily on a warm summer's day
A peace all around him was there on display
As the mocking bird chattered, scolded and squawked
The cat lay there without a care or a thought

The bird angrily swooped and tried to distract
But the furry little feline did not react.
Louder the bird clamored as he tried to persuade
The cat merely blinked and ignored his charade

"God is that You?" I exclaimed with a start!
The cat ignored my query as he played his part
He lay on the driveway enjoying the sun
Noise all around him the racket he shun

Not that the cat was God you do see,
But his lesson of peace was the missing key.
We let life's distractions lead us astray,
Yet here was a cat not rubbed the wrong way.

Are distractions -- some that even seem right
Merely to keep us from God's perfect sight?
Do things look so fuzzy that we do not see
God's plans are such that we need not flee?

His plans are often hidden from view
Distractions keep us out of balance too
But if we take life as does this cat
Then we will find peace... and that is a fact!

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