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Jewels From Judy

Wednesday, July 02 2003

In Memory of David
By Judy Bauman

Favorite memories - shared with this boy
Outdoors in Loveland - gave us great joy
Catching snakes and frogs at the lake
Fish in the campfire - we would bake

The pond was the place we loved to go
A raft was our ship - we all would row
Time went by fast on a warm summers day
Dan, Alan, and Dave - we all wanted to stay

On Mariana Butte - set a white house
Where no one lived - ?cept maybe a mouse
We would hike and run - like little deer
And very few things brought us fear

Ice-skating was fun, sledding a blast
We'd show off to see who was most fast
He'd pull out ahead - to win the race
Dave hated the thought of second place

A little pig greased from head-to-toe
Kids chasing behind her - oh what a show
Davie stood by - and waited for her
Petunia the pig was then his, yes sir!

Those were simpler days - for us it seemed
We went our own way - as it was deemed
We started together - now apart
But Dave will always live in my heart


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