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Monday, May 12 2008

An Exhortation From The Heart Of Father To Yours: I Do Not Scold

Children, when I speak a word of correction, I do not scold.  Often My words are read and the reader hears anger and sees finger-pointing.  This is not My voice nor My stance.   I Am slow to anger, slow to wrath, quick to show mercy and long in suffering. My perfect love for you overrides and swallows up wrath.

The cross of My Son has swallowed up wrath for those who abide in Him.  Do you live under My canopy of love, yet you hear My voice as vengeful and harsh?  Do not any longer allow the enemy to cloud your mind or twist My words and their meaning to you!

Come.  Come into My presence and let Me hold you in My arms of love.  Let Me transform your heart so that when you read My Word you can rightly discern the tone of My voice.  I do not share the voice of an impatient, pushy or vengeful man.  I Am fully confident in Who I Am, so I have no need to push My will on you or make you do things My way - against your will.  My most precious gift to you is your freewill and I will never override it.  I love you and I demonstrate that love by allowing you to choose or reject Me.  Many are called but few are chosen.  It is you who decides whether you are chosen or not.  I have given you the choice.  In Christ Jesus' death all wrath was appeased and in His resurrection you have been raised to life in and with Him.

If you hear My voice carrying the unrighteous anger of man, then you are not hearing Me as I Am.  I Am love. 

I speak in love. I correct in love.  I discipline those I love, but I do not scold as scolding brings shame.  I will never put you to shame.  I remove the shame and reproach, I do not add to it.  I disciple you and though it is difficult for a season, it will always yield delicious fruit of righteousness.  Keep yourself from being offended by My correction and allow Me to train and instruct you.

My discipline, which an arm of My love for you, will always lead you deeper into My purpose and destiny for your life.  It is in the proper discernment of My voice that will bring you into deeper truth and revelation of who I Am and who you are.

Know that everything I do is motivated by My love for you.  It's My love, it's My love, it's My love.  Everything I do is out of My love for you.  I do not speak as a man speaks or with the motivations of a man, so train yourself to hear My voice as loving. You will be able to do this by reading the Gospels of My Son and hear everything He said from a heart of deep and abiding love for you.  He demonstrated His pure love at Calvary.  Do not ever doubt His love for you. Jesus had a choice and He chose My will to redeem you.  Read His words in the loving tone that He spoke them.  Even when speaking to the Pharisees He used great restraint and care in how His voice reflected My heart.  I desire that none perish.

So beloved, allow Me to love you.  Hear My intense love for you.  Hear Me by My Holy Spirit.  If man claims to teach My ways but speaks in anger, wrath, torment, or in a judgmental tone of voice, then that man or woman is not sent by Me.

Remember the words from My prophet and friend, John:

There is no fear in love [dread does not exist], but perfect [complete and full grown] love casts out fear [terror]. For fear has to do with punishment, and he who fears is not perfected in love [is not yet grown into love's complete perfection].  1 John 4:18

Be perfected in My love and hear My voice as it is.  There is no condemnation in Christ and you are in Christ if you obey Me. Hidden within every command I give there is a hidden treasure of blessing for you.  I will always lead you into righteousness and life eternal. Obedience is easier when you know I love you. So Know I LOVE YOU, Dear One, I love you!

Scripture References:
Exodus 34:6; Luke 23:34; John 3:36; 14:15; Romans 5:9; 8:1; Hebrews 12:11; 1 John 4:7-18, 2 Peter 3:9;

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