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Thursday, August 07 2008

An Exhortation From The Father's Heart To Yours: The Secret Place of My Keeping

Beloved, do you realize that in the Secret Place of My keeping there is safety from every storm?  Storms of life will come and they will go, but My love for you stands firm forever. 

Jesus was caught in the storms, the disciples were caught in the storms, Paul was caught in the storms, but fear not!  I have overcome the storms. 

Even when shipwrecked My glory was seen around and about Paul.  When the viper came to bring destruction and the words of accusation rose up against My servant, I came in like a flood to those people on Malta Island.  They perceived his sin of murder, but I had forgiven that sin, so that no charges could be formally brought against Paul.  I had acquitted him.  He served his "sentence" as My servant and My friend.  As Paul put it, he was a prisoner of hope in the Lord.  Because of that hope the islanders came to salvation, as did many who had been on the boat.

The reason Paul walked in My authority was because of his time spent in the Secret Place.  He was faithful in prayer, patient in suffering, loving to those around him - especially his enemies that held him in chains. Paul was a man that I loved so very dearly.  I wept when his life was taken. Paul's work was complete and his death was instrumental for the building of My kingdom.  His life and his death were perfected in My hand.

Many think that being hidden in My Secret Place means that no harm will come to them.  If this were true then My Holy Scriptures would be false.  It is clear that persecution comes to those who follow Me.  Those who teach, "If you come to Jesus today all your troubles will be over," are teaching a false gospel.  Is not the death of My prophets, My Son, My disciples, My church that has been martyred over the centuries proof enough?   Can they be accused of not being found in Me in the Secret Place of the Most High?  Of course not!  I will be with you through any and all the storms you face.  My prayer is for you to go through them - not that none exist.

Come and rest your head on My chest.  Listen to the beating of My heart.  Hear My love for you and the plans that I have for you.  I want to give you a future and a hope.  I will prosper you.  Again, do not look to man's ideas or understanding of what this means but look to the truth revealed all throughout My Word.  Though martyred, those I call Mine have enjoyed richly prosperous lives that have been fruitful for the Kingdom.  Time has proven their works worth.

Do you want to be fruitful for the Kingdom?  Trust Me. Only believe.  Come into My Secret Place and see how I will keep you from falling or failing.  I Am well able to keep you in My hand.

Scripture References:
Psalm 91, 107:29; 116:15; Matthew 8:24; Acts 8:1-3; 9:1-2, 15-16; Acts chapters 27 & 28; 1 Corinthians 6:1-10; 2 Timothy 3:12;

Other References:  History of the Christian Church Volumes 1-8 by Phillip Schaff

This word was given on May 29, 2008

Posted by: Judy Bauman AT 08:52 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
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