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Jewels From Judy

Thursday, December 13 2007

An Exhortation From The Father: Turn Your Eyes Upward

O My faithful children!  Turn here and give ear and listen to what I tell you.

Stop the worrying and fretting over those things which are out of your control.  Do you not know that I love you and that I will never forsake My faithful ones? If you are fretting over the evil of men and it has consumed your thoughts, then turn to Me and watch My righteousness rise up with healing in My wings. Turn your eyes upward!  Fix your gaze on the splendor of My glory.  As you turn your eyes toward Me, those things that disturb you here on earth will take on a different color.  Their hues will be shown in My light and you will see them for what they truly are.

Come dear one.  Come and sit on My lap. Come to My dwelling place and hear what I speak to you.  Those things that seem so serious will be as shadow in the light of My glory and your answers will be obvious.

There is no lack where I Am.  Everything you need is where I Am.  I created it all and I have plenty of reserves on hand for those who lack and are in need.  So do not fear, My Flower, you will not wither as I am watering you with My living water and you will not die but live.


As the Lord concluded dictating this word, I heard an old American folk song and found the words very interesting in the light of His glory and The Cross of Jesus.  I also heard this song when the Lord gave me the word, "Come Beloved."

It was only the chorus that I was hearing, so I will submit just that:

Red River Valley
arranged and adapted by Arlo Guthrie


Come and sit by my side, if you love me

Do not hasten to bid me adieu

Just remember the Red River Valley

And the cowboy who loved you so true

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