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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, May 20 2007

Personal journal entry: 
Lord, this battle to ward-off discouragement seems to be my fight these days.  I believe your Word has shown us how to operate in our families, churches, and businesses.  When we go outside of that we open ourselves up to curses.  Lord the way I see people try to cheat one another is disheartening.  Maybe this is just the way of the world, but I have struggle such a when I see it - especially in the Body of Christ.  My heart cries out for justice!  I hate injustice God. I hate those who shame and abandon - especially children.  Do I judge the very thing I do?  Do I have a plank in my eye?  If I do, let it be removed so I can help get the speck out of my brother's eye. May righteousness and justice be the foundation of earth as it is in heaven.
The Lord's response:
When I set up the foundation of My kingdom, I set it up in perfection.  The earth is yet to be established in My perfection. 
You are right to examine your own heart for out of it flows the issues of life.  Many have hardened their hearts to My justice because they are wounded.  They have been disappointed so many times that they have given up and gone the way of the world.  They may love Me and call Me their Savior, God and Friend, but they so distrust their fellow man that they operate continually in survival mode.  They take whatever they can get out of others, not realizing that in cheating others - believers or not - they will bring more poverty into their lives.
Do not judge them for this as their lives have been traumatized.  They need encouragement to come up higher.  Remember how much I have wrestled with you to obey My voice.
I will open the locked doors.  I will break the chains of poverty and sickness.  Those who operate in survival mode and forget my precepts will continue to struggle.  I desire to save them from their despair, but they must be contrite in spirit and come to repentance.  They must turn from selfish ways. (See Luke 19:8-10)  Their hearts must turn to trust Me and not doubt.  Many who live in dreadful poverty have great faith, child, so strengthen that which remains.  I will set them free.
Stand, watch and be amazed, child.  I will make a way in the dark forest.  I will part the trees.  I will pour out from heaven such an abundance on those who obey that they will not be able to contain it.  I do so because I can trust them to give to others in need.  But I will not share My glory. 
Romans 12: 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
(Journal entry date April 5, 2007)


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