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Jewels From Judy

Wednesday, May 30 2007

An Exhortation from the Father

There is a time for everything.  All things that distract you from coming into My presence are temporal and fleeting.  The only thing that abides is My Kingdom.  The things you need to do will go smoother as you wait in My presence.

There is a time to wait and there is a time to act.  As you sit and wait upon Me, I will show you what to do, where to go, how to do everything you need to do.  Jesus is your example, so follow His lead.  He did not do anything unless I showed him first.  He did not say anything unless I told Him first.  So be still and know that I Am God.  Let me show you what you are to do and where you are to go, what you are to say and how you are to say it.  Let me lead you in this dance.

In the Father's love,
Judy Bauman

This word reminded me of a song He gave me two years ago.

Join His Eternal Dance
By Judy Bauman 

A                           D                E

Hear O church the Lord your God

        A    D        E

The Lord He is One

A                     D           E

Join Him in a dance of love

A                   D        E        

Join His eternal dance!


Won't you dance, won't you dance O church

D                 A         E

Dance the dance of love


Take His hand let Him lead your way

D                A          E

Join His eternal dance  2X

A                          D            E

Oh dear Church, hear My voice!

                A     D        E

I'm asking you to dance

A                      D                E

Take My hand My hand My love

A            D               E                     

Join My eternal dance,

       D         A            E

I'm calling you to dance;

Deut 6:4; Mark 12:29

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