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Jewels From Judy

Saturday, April 28 2007

When I give vision to a person, I give it for My purpose and My plan. It is never to exalt that person but to build My Body. When a vision is from Me you can know that it will include many people working together as the Living Stones that I have brought together for that purpose. When people of similar vision come together something electrifying happens. There is a strength that binds them together. If this is not done in My love and in My power, then it fails. Now that is not to say that anything that is successful is of Me, but I am talking about [true] kingdom work. I will take every mistake and use it for good if a person will just bow their will to Me. I do not desire for any to fail just as I do not desire any to perish. People are destroyed for lack of knowledge, child. They do not know that they do not know.

It is important as a leader to be patient with people and show them My love. It is My love that destroys [ungodly] yokes. It is My love that restores the breach. It is My love that makes you more than a conqueror! It is My love. If you have not love you are nothing but a noisy, clanging sound that bangs in My ears.

If you think that you can be more focused on your vision without including others, then you have not seen the full vision. Seek Me early. Seek Me while I can be found. Do not slumber when I call you to come and sit with Me. Choose the best and not the good. Choose to lead in My love. Choose to follow in My love. Choose to stand firm in My love. Then watch and see how I will move. You will stand amazed when you really grasp My vision. So come. Sit. See. Grasp. Run!

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