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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, November 26 2006

What are you thankful for, child?  Do you stir yourself up to know and understand how good I Am is to you?  Do you realize and ponder My Son's death on the Cross to redeem you from yourself? 

Many do not take the time to really ponder what it is that the King of the universe has done for them.  The price that was paid was costly and it was eternal.  The price was My Son's own blood poured out for you.  Do not take this as a light thing!  Do not take this for granted.  The price for rejecting Him is extreme.  The hell you think of is a fraction of what it really is and any thoughts that I will be merciful after you have rejected His payment for you is a horrific assumption on your part.  Hell is a real place, beloved. Your worst nightmare, your worse idea, your worst imagination is pale by comparison to what it really is. This is not something to gloss over, dear one!  This is an eternal decision you must make now because crying out to Me from hell will not move My heart toward you.  I will only tell you that you had the choice on earth and in this life you now live.  I will only remind you of all the opportunities that I gave you to receive My Son.  The only way [path] to Me is for you to accept Jesus as your Lord.  If you try to go through any other door or any other ?christ' other than Jesus of Nazareth, you will find yourself apart from Me for all eternity.  This is not My desire for you.  I would that none perish.  I labor to see all come to Me.  I send angels into your midst to help you.  I send My chosen sons and daughters to preach My Gospel, comfort and exhort you to come to Me.

My love for you is perfect
My love for you is complete
My love for you is full
My love for you will never fail you
My love casts out fear
My love for you is perfect

Know also that your best idea of heaven is pale in comparison to what it really is.  Where I Am is where I want you to be. Know that the resources I have waiting for you to build My kingdom are without end.  There is nothing missing, nothing broken in My provision. You have only to accept it.  If you think I do not hear you, realize that My provision has already been given, so you must ask yourself if you have appropriated it.

Do you know what would make Me thankful?  If you would accept My Word as truth and that you would believe all my promises really are, "Yes!" and "Amen!"  I would be thankful to you, child, if you would accept all My promises and walk confidently in them.  I would be thankful for you to have thankful heart.  A thankful heart will move Mine.

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