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Jewels From Judy

Friday, November 17 2006

Beloved, I do not use hype to advance My Kingdom.  It is not by your might and power, it is by My Spirit that My kingdom is advanced.  All the shouting ends up sounding like a clanging gong in My ears.  You may be able to manipulate people to give to your cause, but My hand will not move if you operate under this demonic spirit.

If you do not have love for My people, there is no choice but to use hype.  You can shout until you turn blue, but you will not move Me.

My heart is for the lost and downtrodden.  If your heart seeks position and accolades of man, then you are building your own kingdom and not Mine. I tell you now to repent of this wickedness.  (See Matthew7:21-23)

My kingdom is built on the lives I and I alone restore.  My kingdom is built on love and mercy and justice and righteousness.  Self-exaltation is the sin Lucifer committed in My presence.  Do you want his reward?  Do you want [to join] his sentence?

My Son came down and by example showed you how My heart was moved.  I revealed My plan clearly.  You may wonder why a perfect God would choose the downcast, the lonely, the prostitute, the orphan, the widow, those found on the highways and byways.  I will tell you clearly.  It is because they are completely aware that they are unworthy of Me and in that knowledge they know Who is worthy of the glory and honor and praise when they are lifted up.  They are not tempted to puff up as one would who is self-reliant and seemingly has the world in his pocket.  They know they need help.  I can fill that hunger. 

I do not need hype.  I need obedient children; I need loyal friends to carry out My will and not beat My sheep.

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