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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, November 05 2006

Fruit comes from a source - it comes from what image it is made in. In whose image are you made, child?  Are you made in the image of your heavenly Father or do you look more like the father of worldly materials? 

What will last?  What will endure?  What will remain?  Is it the gold of this world?  Do you realize the value of gold is reduced to street rubble in heaven?  It is so valueless that you will only see it as a road to walk on.

What is the fruit of your heavenly bank account?  What are the dividends? What interest rate do you earn from your heavenly account?  Don't think that you can just throw money at Me, child!  I cannot be bought!  Do not try to buy Me or you may lose everything you have.  I know the motivation of your heart at all times and in every situation.  You cannot hide your thoughts from Me.  Do not give out of guilt as that does not honor Me.  Do not give out of obligation as that is a divided heart.  I do not seek those with divided hearts to fund My kingdom.  I look for those with pure hearts and pure hands.  I look for those with who will give without looking for honor or credit or attention from man.  I look for those who will give not for what they can get out of Me, but for what they can do to bless My children.

My children are My image on this earth.  My children are the extension of My love.  My children know My voice - they learn My voice.  The god of this world has darkened many eyes and dulled many ears, but if you long to see Me and you long to hear the voice of your heavenly Father ask Me for the eye salve that will heal your eyes and I will freely give it.  Ask me to flush the mud from your ears and I will cleanse them with My Living Water.  I will teach you My voice, My child.   Hearken to Me!  I promise I will hearken to your cry.  I will send angels speedily and dispatch them for your aid.  My promises are "Yes!" and "Amen!" 

Do you understand what I Am saying to you?

Do you understand that I desire to bless you with a fruitful life?  But child, you must ask yourself if the fruit you are bearing is from My Spirit or from this world.

I do not rate or grade your sin.  No, I do not give one sin more punishment than another.  To Me gossip will separate you from Me as quick as murder. 

So I ask you, what fruit do those around you enjoy from the garden of your life?

In the love of the Father,


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