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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, October 08 2006

It is My desire to see you soar.  I Am the wind beneath you.  I Am what lifts you into the places you cannot go on your own.  Take flight My dove!  Take flight!

It is the Spirit of Truth whom the world cannot receive that will lift you to new heights in Me.  Fly in the power and authority of My Truth!

Ask of Me, Beloved.  Ask of Me what you need, but do not doubt.  Do not be tossed in your minds to and fro as I cannot bless doubt and unbelief.  Many believe their own doubting hearts more than believe Me and My words. Do you love Me?  Keep My commandments.  Those who are Mine hear the Word of God and do it.

I came to bring a sword.  Allow it to cut the death of unbelief from your heart.  Use My sword to break through the chains that keep My church captive.  Cut the iron bars that imprison the lost.

Heed this warning:  My sword is not to be used to mutilate the very ones bought with My very own blood!  Skillful use of My sword is vital to bring healing and not wounding.  As My Word says, "Wounds from a friend can be trusted."  This is because a wound from a friend relieves the pressure like a boil that has been lanced. But one who takes My words and uses them to harm and condemn will stand before Me and give an account for every careless word!  Repent now and ask Me to teach you to skillfully wield My sword.  There are times to war and you are to use My sword to destroy only when fighting the enemy.  You fight not against flesh and blood but against powers of darkness.  My Word brings healing to mankind and destruction to the spiritual rulers.  Be sure to separate the two.

Learn this skill; then I can take you to new heights in Me.  As you wait in expectation, you can mount up with wings of eagles and soar to new heights.

Do not forget that it is I, the Lord God Almighty, who is the wind beneath your wings.  It is I who sustains your flight.  I Am the wind beneath your wings.  Do not forget this.

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