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Jewels From Judy

Friday, July 28 2006

As I pour out My words and impartation of My heart to those who hear My voice, I issue a warning.  Do not allow your hearts to be elevated into pride because of the abundance of My revelation being poured out upon you.  Many of My own that were much more worthy than you longed to hear Me as you do and didn't.  You hear Me the way you do because of the urgency of the day you live in and what is to come.  I need My remnant built up or surely their hearts will fail them.  I do not say this for you to be influenced by a spirit of fear.  I do not want you to shrink back or walk timidly.  I have given everyone who is called by My name the ability to see through the darkness. Some walk in the fullness of My light and some still yet need to understand.  I am pouring out understanding.  I am pouring out words of wisdom.  This is not to be confused with a word of wisdom, no, this is more than that.  I want you to walk continually in My wisdom and understanding.  I want you to continually seek My counsel before you ask for My might.  I want you to KNOW ME! 

Knowledge is worthless without knowing Me first.  This requires intimacy.  I want you to walk in the light of the fear of the Lord which will always bring you back to wisdom.  I have a circular way.  I Am Everlasting-to-everlasting.

As you walk in My Spirit, your flesh will want to puff up.  This is why I allowed Paul to have 'a thorn in his side' so that he would humble himself before Me.  I gave him great revelations.  I am giving you great revelations, but you must walk in and cloak yourself in humility. 

Do not think more highly of yourself than you ought!  Give Me all the glory.  My glory will destroy you.  This is why I will not share it with flesh.  A good and faithful Father will not give to His children that which would bring them destruction.  The ways of man will bring destruction to your life.  Seek Me!  Seek Me!  Seek Me!

My ways bring life and life everlasting.  My ways bring hope. My ways bring righteousness.  My ways bring justice!  Yes, I told Paul, "My grace is sufficient," however, My grace is not higher than My justice.  Righteousness and justice are the foundations of My very throne!  Everything is built upon My foundation.  Righteousness is what you are clothed in.  Justice is your walk.  Walk in My justice and then My grace will rest on you and My glory will be seen around you.  This is why so many do not walk in My power.  My ways are not your ways, child.  Walk in My justice and you will walk in My power.

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