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Jewels From Judy

Monday, July 17 2006

These words came at a pretty rapid pace this week (July 17-21, 2006) during training at IHOP-ATL (International House of Prayer), and their succession was intriguing. Each one builds on the revelation of the one before it.  In the first word, Walk Through the Veil, Billy Humphreywas teaching about the Father Heart of God when Walk Through the Veil was 'downloaded' to me. I mention this pastor by name because I feel I need to give what I call 'the fire of Billy' some credit in creating the atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to flow.  Of course it is the fire of God - the intense love of God - in him that I give glory.  To be sure, it is a lot of fun to be in the room when the heat is on!!! What was pretty cool was that the Lord asked me to close my eyes and listen to his words as if the Father Himself were speaking to me.  It was so awesome!  The Father's love is so awesome!!!  The words just washed over me.  His teaching was actually a 'post-op' from something I went through on this very subject a few weeks back. I was thrilled that my appointment went well with the Great Physician! The word ?Master Surgeon' was given at that time. If you are having trouble in this area I want to extend hope to you. 

The other 3 words came at various times in the week.  Again - remember it is from the love of God for you that these words come. He adores you! 



Walk Through the Veil - 7/17/06  11:30am

Do you want the veil removed?  You've cried out to have this 'thing' removed - this thing that keeps you from coming to Me. Then you have to get real with Me, about how you really feel about your earthy father.  Until you let Me peel that pain away, you will never have intimacy with Me.  Do you really want to experience My heavenly realm?  You have to get real about what has come between you and your natural dad.  Getting real will remove the veil.  You must open your spirit to Me. You must open your soul to Me. Your independence doesn't protect you.  Your independence is keeping the veil taut.  Trust Me in this and see the freedom that comes to your soul. Come out of the façade.  Come let Me Father you.

Love is the Issue!

My love is the highest experience you can have in all creation. Be loved by Me.  There is no other thing you need more in life than My love.  You ask, "What must we do?"  I tell you what I told My disciples, "Believe."  Believe what?  Believe My love for you.  Believe My love is complete.  My love is full.  My love will encompass you like nothing else.  Do I need servants?  No, I need My bride to take her place by My side.  I never placed you under My feet.  As I took a rib from Adam's side - I take My bride to be by My side.  I was pierced in My side for My love for you.  I wash you with My water; I wash you with My sacrifice. 

I have chosen to marry one who has been loved by another. Come and take My hand and I will give you My purity.  I will comfort you, My bride.  No more will the horses of darkness haunt your dreams.  Their hooves will be silenced.  I will stop them in their tracks.  I will stop them from bringing their shame upon you. 

I Am is your Husband and I will stop at nothing to bring you to Myself.  I love you and I will wash you and cleanse you from your past.  Give to Me all of your shame and the reproach of your youth.  I have betrothed you.  I will take you as a virgin.  I will marry you and you will be Mine forever!  Bare yourself to Me and I will take you into Myself.

I will tell you again and again until you really know in your heart that I love you.  I love you.  I love you!

Authority of a Queen

I have given you the authority of a queen.  The words that you speak must be words that are thought out and deliberate. It is My desire that you declare and decree My will on earth as in heaven.  My church is My bride.  My church is My queen.  She doesn't understand the authority that I have released to her through My sacrificial love for her.  I gave her My power; I gave her My authority. I promise My beloved that I AM is with her to the end of the age.  You are her!  You, Beloved!  You are My beautiful bride.  Men, get a grip as to what the Lord your God is saying and what this means.  Don't get weird on Me.  I desire to impart My love to you, but I cannot do that if you fail to understand this mystery. (See Ephesians 5:32)  I have called you to go to the nations, but if you don't understand that I send you with the authority of being My queen, you will not capture the hearts of the lost.  It's My love that captivates. Let My love first captivate you.

Run the Race

Don't settle for a false finish line; settle only for My direction and pace.  When I lead you into a place of pain for your flesh, know that it must be worked out of you for you to walk in the fullness of My power and authority.  Don't look to the approval man gives or it will distract you from My path.   My path is narrow and few find it.  Too many are more concerned about what man in saying not what I Am says.

Do you really want more of Me?  Am I really your passion? Then throw off all that hinders you.  Run the race set before you and give me all the shackles that are keeping you from finishing in My fullness and My grace. Look at Me.  Look at My love for you.  It will never fail you.  My love will sustain you for the race.

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