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Jewels From Judy

Tuesday, October 11 2005

This word from the Lord came to me for a specific person but the Lord showed me this is a widespread problem in His Body. When you consider how prolific weeds can be, especially this type, it would make sense that we need to set a guard against them spreading. The Lord had me rewrite parts of it to speak more broadly to His Church.

"I speak to you, My child. You ask who I Am? I am your Father who made You for My pleasure. You are made to accomplish much for My sake. I have not given you the desire to create for your purpose, but for Mine. I have seen your anguish and I have seen your pain. I have seen you abandoned and I have seen you afflicted. It pleases Me when I see you are not moved by this world's system. This motivates Me to work on your behalf. Come to Me. Come to Me when your heart is breaking and no one understands you. You are looking for someone to understand you and that need of yours has not been fulfilled. It couldn't be. Had you found someone to look to other than Me, you would not be able to accomplish what I have set before you. You haveto rely on Me. You have to turn to Me. I wait for you. I wait and I watch. I have waited a long time and I wait longer. I speak to you. I long to be heard by you. I long for you to recognize My voice. I have great secrets kept in storage to release to you. They will not be given unless you come to Me.

The desires of your heart will be given only when you have let go of what you are holding in your hand. You are holding a cocklebur bush. See and Be sure and read the toxic symptoms as this is what the enemy of your soul desires to do to you. You feel the effects of the poison even now. As long as you are holding onto the thorns, I cannot help you. Hold onto Me not the burs. You have gotten too use to the pain. You must submit yourself to Me. - your true Father, to remove the burs, the barbs, and their toxic results. The cockles have barbs and stick to everything they touch. They are painful to grab and difficult to pull off, but they cannot be left to further infect.

But there is something I want you to see. I gave inspiration to make Velcro from this annoying plant. If you come to Me, and I mean truly come to Me and seek My face, I will reveal mysteries from your life's cockleburs. The things that have annoyed you the most will be sources of your greatest victories. The things that have hindered your walk with Me will cause you to run and not grow weary - if you faint not! You will have many triumphs if you will submit yourself to Me. I have created you to fellowship with Me and that is why there is so much unrest in your soul. You need My peace but you will not get it with success or fame. You will get the peace and security you seek when you give yourself totally in fellowship with Me. Walk with Me in the cool of the day, beloved. Seek Me early while I can be found. I have created you to fellowship with Me and that is why there is so much unrest in your soul. You look here and you look there. You do not find rest because you haven't come to Me. I am your first resort, not your last. Release what you are holding onto. Those things that have wounded you. Those rejects and disappointments and failures. Just like cockleburs, they are sticking to you even when you let go. That is where I come in! I will take those sticky, pesky, annoying, painful burs of your life and I will remove their toxic affects. I will cause them to become seeds of victory.

I must warn you. These burs must be released from your grip soon! The devil, your enemy, is desiring to cause these wounds to hurt you, to destroy you, to bring you to ruin. He is petitioning Me to sift you. You will slip through his fingers if the burs are gone. If you release the burs all he will have in his hand is the chaff that I wanted removed in the first place. If the burs are still in your hands, you will be stuck in Satan's trap - entangled by the burs in his net. Time is short. Stop taking the burs to yourself - stop feeding them with words that give them energy to reproduce. They desire to consume you. Rid yourself of these cumbersome stickers. Let Me dig up the root of bitterness!

Come to Me and I will give you rest. I will give you a future. I will give you hope renewed. I will set your feet up high on a mountain. I will be as the eagle who swoops down and brings you to the high place on My wings. Trust Me, My child. Trust Me. I will never let you down. Release the cockleburs to Me. Don't hold them any longer. Don't pull them close to yourself. It is My desire to propel you. Get ready! Rid yourself of the cockle burs and get ready!!! You are about to be launched into your destiny and My purpose! Read what My servants wrote in Psalms 34 and Hebrews 12. These are for you today and for this season. Do not despise small beginnings. It is a season of grooming. Do not harden your heart as they did in the rebellion. Trust Me to work all things for your good for you are truly called according to My purpose."

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