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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, July 09 2006

There is something I feel responsible to make clear before you read any of these 'jewels'; the words from the Lord are spoken in a tone of voice of the deepest love you can imagine.  If you hear anything other than God's love for you, know that tone is not in line with what is coming from the Throne Room.  These earnest appeals from the Lord, I believe, come from the times we live in and the sincere urgency that He wants to impart to His Beloved. Jesus' greatest desire is for us to know Him as we are known.  It is my prayer that these words spur us each into action and into a deeper place in Christ.  Be encouraged.  His love is more than enough; His grace is sufficient.  Judy

My Love Is Hot - 7/9/06

During corporate worship the Lord asked me to stop and look around.  Then He gave me this word: 

Worship is not a spectator sport.  My children, I desire you to come to Me with your whole heart.  The half-hearted praises of My people weary My ears.  I am exhausted for the straining I must do to hear you worship in spirit and in truth.

I am begging you to come to Me while I can be found. Must you always be moved to find Me in calamity?  Will you not see the benefits of seeking your God and King during times of plenty? O how much more I could bless you if you were seeking me when you are in good times.

 Come - Come - Come!

Worship Me in spirit and in truth.  Seek what this means to your King.

My love is an intimate, passionate love.  It nauseates Me when I hear My own telling the hurting, "I love you with the love of the Lord," when they could no more care about that person than the man-in-the-moon.  Don't have mixed seed - that is to say don't have mixed love.  You cannot love Me and love the world. You cannot love Me and love mammon.  

My love is red hot. My love is not lukewarm.  Lukewarm love makes Me want to vomit. 

Come to Me hot or come to Me cold, but don't come lukewarm.  Don't touch those I call 'MINE' with lukewarm love.  I desire to have you touch My heart and My hurting with hot love. 

My love is hot.

Personal note:

When the Holy Spirit asked me to look around in worship, I saw so many just not connecting to Him.  It was clear their minds were somewhere else and it really bummed me out.  I don't normally look around during worship because I think worship is really personal, so I try to respect people's privacy. I am there to seek the face of God, not to watch what people are doing.  What I saw (spiritually) was disheartening and I felt His sorrow.  Understand, this is not a specific church that the Father seeks to single-out.  What I was witnessing was 'a matter of the heart' of His Bride - the Church. It just happened to be manifesting where I was at - and it certainly wasn't for the lack of skilled musicians.  I would suggest that you ask the Lord what He meant in John 4:23 and let Him speak to you.

The Exchange - 6/28/06

O My beloved. Can't you see that I desire to make an exchange with you?  I want to give you beauty for ashes and joy for fear.

I want you to hand Me the broken events from your life - the rejection, shame, heartbreak, grief, fear, and everything that fills your heart that is not from Me.  Give Me the defiling things in your heart.  Let the exchange take place.  As you release each one, fill that place in your heart with My approval, My forgiveness, My joy, My peace, My love.  But remember, it's all because of My intense love for you.

Turn Off the Noise - 6/28/06

(This word was given about 30 minutes after, The Exchange.  I was awoken by the Lord out of deep sleep both times and wrote them down.)

So many of My children go through life with non-stop noise.  The TV is on, the radio is on, the CD's are playing.  You think you are 'plugged in' with your cell phones, computers, I-Pods, Blackberries and such.  But in plugging into the barrage of racket going on around you - you have un-plugged yourself from Me.  Those things are not your life-line.  I Am your life-line!

Do you wonder how some hear the voice of the Lord and some don't?  I Am the 'still small voice.'  I will not override your will.  Your desire is to hear what the world has to offer, but will you take the time to sit in the quiet of the day and seek Me out?  Do you want to hear the 'still small voice' of the One who loves and adores you?  Do you want to hear from the One who wants to give you solutions to your most difficult life questions? 

Turn off the noise. 

The Cold and Distant Bride - 7/12/06

The Lord has been speaking to me in the past few days in a way that is difficult to describe; it is so tender and yet full of agony.  There is such an ache and longing in His voice.  We think if He is speaking sternly that He is mad and that is not it. That is not it at all. It is His passionate desire for us.  His love for His Church is so intense and deep.  Most of those who are 'called by His name' are satisfied with so little (spiritually) and He died so that we could have so much more (spiritually).

His reminded me today how He asked Hosea to marry a woman whose affections were distant at best. She went to others to be satisfied and it was God's way to show how painful it is for Him when we seek the worldly things and mix them with Christ's burning passion for His cherished Church.  This is what makes us lukewarm, beloved.  

He went to the Cross and demonstrated His deep and passionate love for us by being the very ransom for our captivity.  Then many who have accepted the gift of salvation - those whom He died for - go on about their lives as if He had done nothing at all?  How can this be???  Will the Beloved of Christ really just go on her merry way after seeing the enormity of His sacrifice?  Do they see the extent of the vast love He has shed?  Maybe we need to see Mel Gibson's movie, The Passion of the Christ once more so that it is vivid in our minds.  I feel Him begging us, pleading with us even to come to Him. 

Will we be like the five foolish virgins who presumed that they had enough light in their lamps to see them through the dark days, or will we be like the wise virgins who invested in extra oil so that their lights would not go out?  Will we be like the wife of Hosea or the Bride who has made herself ready?

Hosea 1:2  When the LORD began to speak through Hosea, the LORD said to him, "Go, take to yourself an adulterous wife and children of unfaithfulness, because the land is guilty of the vilest adultery in departing from the LORD."

Rev 19:7, 8  Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready.  Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear." (Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints.)

It is my sincere prayer that you turn your affections and your attention to the Lord.  Please - turn off the noise so you can hear Him.  I pray you will invest in the oil of the Lord.  Seek the Lord while He can be found.  The Lord calls, He beckons, "Come!"  But He does NOT force His will on us.  Will you come as a readied bride?

Come into the Holy of holies and worship your King. He is worthy.

Romans 8:5  For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit.

The Hour is Late - 7/12/06

Won't you come in?  Can't you hear My voice beckoning you into the Holy of holies?  Don't you understand that I already know why it is you don't want to come into where I Am sits?  Everything is exposed in here.  You prefer to come to church and go through the niceties and don't realize that you are only in the courtyards; you have yet to come into My presence.  You want to sing songs that sound good.  You don't want to draw too much attention to yourself.  You don't want to turn anyone off.  You want it to last just only so long because you have places to go and people to meet, and yet you leave the one Who ransomed your heart from destruction standing there empty-handed. You fool yourself to think I don't see everything from where I sit.  The difference is that when you come into My Throne Room of Grace, you see what it is in you that doesn't belong.   The real reason you don't come because you know you must look at what is really going on inside of yourself. 

Don't you see that My desire for you is to be rid of the chains that bind you?  Don't you know that I love you with a love that is deeper than anything you can imagine? 

 I desire to bring you to the King's banqueting table! You don't see that you have slop on your plate. Can you see that taking sin into yourself is like eating rubbish?  Why would you want to eat garbage when I have a feast prepared for you?  You are holding on to hidden sin and it keeps you from My best - it keeps you from the Secret Place of the Most High.  You refuse to come into the Holy Place with Me because you will not release these insidious desires of yours. You want to lie and cheat; greed runs amuck in those I call My own.  Listen Child of Mine, you do not hide a thing from I Am.  You only hide it from yourself.  Everything is going to be exposed in the Day.  Everything is to be revealed by the fire that burns in My eyes.  That fire is My passion for you, but it will consume everything that is not of Me.  What will be left standing? 

Come to Me and I will cleanse you.  Don't wait!  RUN to the Mercy Seat!  Then you can stand with Me and not apart from the One who covers your sins.  Then you will be able to worship in the power of My Spirit.  Then you will be able to come to Me in truth.  Then you will be free!

Come!  Come into the Holy Place!  Come sit at My feet and learn from Me for I Am humble of heart.  You will find rest for your souls.

I stand at the crossroads looking down at My watch.  I Am telling you plainly, the hour is late.  Do not think that I come to take you up and out of your mess.  I do not speak of what men teach.  I speak of the hour in your life that has come and I Am telling you, the hour is late.  Those who hear Me have been sending warnings to implore you to seek Me early, yet you think you have all the time in the world.  You don't.  I see the time.  The hour is late.  My love is great. Come and soak in My Presence and see what I Am can do with your life!

It's His LOVE church.  Everything... it's all about His love.  His discipline leads to holiness and without it we are in trouble.  There is a Scripture that I think will bless you (if you have made it this far!)  It is Hebrews 12:5-15.  God's discipline yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness.  Yum.  There's something sweet to sink your teeth into!

Will you let Him burn out everything in your heart that doesn't belong to Him; then will you ask Him to leave everything of Him ablaze?

Seated with you in Christ,

Judy Bauman

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