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Jewels From Judy

Wednesday, February 01 2006

During worship I received a 'download' from heaven about what Jesus is seeking in our friendship with Him.  As I sat down to write the word the Lord gave me, my pastor introduced a guest speaker - a pastor from Costa Rica.  My church and the speaker's church in Costa Rica have been connected for years.  They went through the customary introductions and pleasantries, but I was focused on writing. Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted as the guest speaker began his message.  It was so closely in line with what the Lord had just shared with me, I had no choice but to take note of this engaging confirmation!  So first I will share the word I received from the Lord, and then I will share the heart of the message given by the visiting pastor.  It is my prayer that it will spur on your relationship - your friendship - with the Lord Jesus in a mighty way!  Let us give Him the desires of His heart!

In His joy,

To Be A Friend Of Jesus:

"You come to Me and call Me friend, and rightly so for that it is what I Am.  My friendship is multifaceted, and sadly for Me, so many have a one dimensional relationship with Me."

"I want you to stop and think about your best friend."

"I want you to think about what you do together and what you say to one another."

"Now, My friend, I want you to look at our friendship." 

"Do you see why you why you may be feeling like I am distant from you?"

"If your best friend called only when they need something, how would your friendship flourish?  If your friend did all the talking while you patiently listened and then turned and walked away as you were about to open your heart, how would your trust in that friend grow?  If you were the one always giving and your friend only took, then how long would that friendship last?"

"Friend, come and sit with Me. Come and ask Me what is on My mind.  Come and listen.  Come and be a friend to Me.  I will always be a friend to you. I will always listen to you, I know your thoughts before you even speak, but I still listen to you.  I listen because I love you.  I want you to listen to Me. Oh how much tighter our bond will become when you know My heart as I know yours."

The Lord just gave me a precious Scripture. "Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."  Matthew 11:28-30

Pastor Ronald Diaz

God made us to commune with Him.  He is so much into relationships; He is even in relationship with Himself!  That is why He is a triune God!  The Lord is relational and desires our love.  He says, "LOVE ME!"  He is not shy about it!  God makes it clear that He desires our attention.  We need to stop being so task-oriented and be relation-oriented.  That is your foundation.  "Let's spend time together!"

We're so task oriented we need to bring our work to the Lord. He knows we have things to do.  So bring your work to Him and do it together.  He wants to be with you in everything you are doing.

Jesus didn't come to give us religion or more tasks.  Jesuscame and made it real simple for us.  He gave us two things to do.  Love Him. And Love others - giving us the ministry of reconciliation.  We are the reconcilers between God and the lost.  But the first and most important thing is to love our God.

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