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Jewels From Judy

Sunday, May 11 2003

Dear Loved Ones,

There is something that happened last week that REALLY blessed me and I want to share it with you.  As of late, I have really been going through a spiritual fire.  As we know, that is when the 'fourth Man' shows up!  Last week I had an errand to run to deliver something to a local church. As I drove I said, "Lord, I really need to talk to someone about this; I really do not know what to do."  Just then I remembered the pastor of the church that I was heading to had been highly recommended the year before to me as an expert in family matters.  He was trained through Campus Crusade for Christand does seminars all over the country.  Anyway, I thought if I were to run into him I would speak to him, but as I came in he was driving out.  I thought, 'Ok Lord.  Maybe You have someone else in mind."  However, as I started into the church he came driving back and pulled up right next to me!  I spoke to him a bit and cut to the chase and told him what was troubling me.  He spoke for a while but said, "Here is my 30 second advise for you."

"You have to separate your goal from your desires." 

He didn't say, "Goals" he said, "Goal"  Singular.  He explained, "Your #1 goal is to glorify God in all you say and do, your desires are things you want to have happen.  In other words it is your goal to glorify God, but it is your desire for your family to glorify God.  You have to separate them.  You cannot change others; you can only change yourself."

This may sound simplistic, but I am here to tell you that one thing has really freed me up!  (No smell of smoke here!)  I began to confess, "Lord, may all I do, say, think and feel Glorify You!"   (I added the think and feel because what we think affects our words and what we feel affects our actions.) I have to continually ask myself, "Does it (what I just said, did, thought or felt) glorify God?"   It is amazing how I discovered many things do not.  As these things are revealed in my life, I apologize to the Lord, accept His forgiveness and His help, and move on. 

I pray today you make this your GOAL: To "Glorify God in everything you do, say, think or feel."  When you fail, as we all do, I pray you will also ask for forgiveness, accept it and His help and move forward!

In His love and mercy (with you),


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