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Tuesday, November 08 2011

An Exhortation From The Father: First Love
“Who is your first love? Who loved you first? I love you with an everlasting love that will keep you strengthened and encouraged in this day and hour which you live.
“Many say that they will embrace their destinies, but their hearts are far from Me. I say to take up your cross and follow Me! Few do. They only follow when they think I am saying I will bless and prosper them. These only follow because they think they will be fed. Many claiming to be leaders are truly hirelings, and while there is a place for them, they are My last choice to watch over and feed My sheep.” (See Matthew 16:24, 25; John 6:26; 10:12)
 “You have heard: The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.  And many are asking why I have not yet released wealth to them. Heart motivations are being weighed in the balance and many have been found lacking. James wrote that you have not because you ask not and when you ask you ask with wrong motives. You say your desire for money is for the purpose of giving to charity, but if you are not faithful with little, you will not be faithful with much. If you are not faithful now, what you have will be handed over to one who is. I do not honor faithless promises that say they will be obedient when there is enough. The real desire is to spend wealth on things that can be shown to make others think one is blessed of Me!” (See James 4:2-4; Matthew 25:14-30)
“Do you not know you are building your own kingdom with this thinking, and not the Kingdom of Heaven? Child, you want the wealth of the unrighteous to spend on yourself and yet do not see the wickedness of this thinking!
“Many of you have already lost much and you may think I am pouring salt on your wounds, but I am not a god of torture. It has always been My desire to bring people to a place where they know they have to change directions, like Balaam, or they will perish. Do I want you to walk in the error of Balaam? Must a donkey rebuke you?” (See Numbers 22:1-35, Jude 11, Revelation 2:14)
“Return to your first Love! Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is near! Remember from where you have fallen. Do the deeds you did at first.” (See Revelation 2:4)
“Your oil is dwindling and the hour is late! It will not keep you until I return. It is the love of money and the need to acquire wealth that has become your downfall. Your light will go out in the gross darkness to come. Where does your loyalty and trust lie? In the wealth that you can amass or the trust you have in Me? You can only serve one.
“Do you want to intimately know wealth, which is fickle and treacherous, or Christ and Him crucified? Will you embrace your cross and follow My Son, Jesus or follow your own desires? Again I ask, “Who is your first love?””

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