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Tuesday, January 14 2014

On January 4, 2014, I came home from running some errands and felt exhausted. I did something I rarely do – I took a nap. When I awoke, the clock read 4:44pm. I had to laugh because Johnny Enlow had posted on his Facebook wall to be on the lookout for the number 444. I had heard him say this before, but the timing of it struck me as humorous. I saw the clock then looked at my cell phone. This is when I noticed the date was January 4th. Yes, there are too many 4s to ignore!

This caused me to revisit some things the Lord has spoken – promises that have yet to manifest. Some of you are aware from previous writings that the Lord has shown me 11s (or 111) for about seven years now. It started when three consecutive nights I woke up 11 after the hour. These sightings of eleven dramatically escalated from there. It was not just 11s I would see, but also factors of 11 (like 22, 33, 44, etc...) on licenses plates, mile markers, mailboxes – you name it. (i.e.: When I was finished with the first draft of this letter, I looked up and it was 11:11pm!)

Though I’ve never shared this, the number 4 has held great significance for me since 2000. I was living in Florida and had an open vision at a meeting where we were honoring visiting missionaries. I saw a golden key ring with 4 golden keys on it. These were not modern keys, but old fashion skeleton keys. The key ring and the 4 keys came right at me and then disappeared – as if they went through or inside of me.

I sought the Lord about the meaning of this vision and asked repeatedly what the keys specifically represented. Then one day in 2002 (which ‘happens’ to add up to 4), I was reading an article and four words seemed to jump off the page at me. Those words were “Power, Authority, Chosen, and Sent.” Over the next 4 years it seemed that whatever I learned would be in 4s and found myself categorizing these lessons into God’s power, His authority, that He has chosen us, and the Father sends us to do His will. I took notes constantly and continually asked the Lord for interpretation and practical application.

The number 4 is rich in meaning. I can’t go into the whole of it, as that might require an entire book! A few examples of significant things in 4s include: Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John), elements (fire, water, air, earth), regions (north, south, east, west), seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn), faces of the Cherubim (man, lion, ox, eagle),  and the four-part reference to mankind (nation, tribe, tongue and people) which happens to be found 4x in the NKJV (Revelation 5:9; 7:9; 11:9; 14:6).

As we enter 2014, let us consider the basic meaning of the numbers of this year. The number 20 is symbolic of Redemption as 14 is of Deliverance andSalvation. Combined it would seem that “there is a special wind coming from the breath of God to bring forth His Redemption, Deliverance, and Salvation in nations, tribes, tongues and peoples. As was written in 2 Chronicles 20, let us “Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD.” We must use wisdom and rightly divide the word of truth so that we are not praying outside of our authority.

Let us be mindful to pray the Father’s will. No more – no less! Let’s not add to what Scriptures tell us nor take away from them. Think about this: even though Jesus had the authority to, He didn’t say something ‘new and improved’ to combat the devil when tempted in the wilderness. Jesus resisted Satan with the established word of God saying,“Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.” This encounter is recorded in both Matthew and Luke 4:4. That is no coincidence! Remember, Jesus only did what His Father showed Him. When did the Father show Him? No doubt, it was while He was in prayer watching and listening (as opposed to doing all the talking and then going about His day). See John 5:19

Remarkably, Jesus shares the fourfold witness that testifies of His calling in John 5:31-39. They are (with my keys included):

John the Baptist (power)
Jesus’ works (authority)
The Father’s voice (chosen)
The Holy Scriptures (sent)

Like I said, there are too many 4s to ignore!

Blessings in the Father’s love,
Judy Bauman

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