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Saturday, May 15 2010

An Exhortation From The Father's Heart To Yours: Come With Your Alabaster Box

My beautiful one!  Do you not know the alabaster box, while lovely to look at, is meant to be broken?  I do not look at what is seen, but what is within one's being.  Deep calls to deep, beloved!  I look to the soul and this is where I spend My time.  I do not write on tablets of stone; I write upon the fragrance of your heart so the scent of heaven is all about you.

Most guard their alabaster box from the breaking.  They want to display it, clean its outer shell, and boast its value; but what is lovely to Me is what is inside being withheld. The hardness of the outer shell is what is keeping them from enjoying the love which I give in abundance.  Until the precious oil inside is released, the true beauty - the true gift remains hidden.

Release to Me, My beloved, your alabaster box.  Release your heart and those issues that have locked your sweetness inside.  Allow the breaking, so that the beautiful fragrance I created you to emanate will radiate around you. 

As you allow your heart to feel, truly feel and not hide, the lovely aroma of you will come bursting out!  The perfume of you and the perfume of Me will marry and cause others to perceive the kingdom of heaven within you.

Come beloved; come with your alabaster box.  Come anew.

Scriptures to ponder:
Psalm 42; Isaiah 60:1, 2; Matthew 26:6-13; Luke 17:20, 21

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