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Monday, February 04 2008

A Word From The Heart Of The Father: Arise My Holy Harvesters

As the harvesters of the harvest arise, there will be a great paradigm shift toward My grace and mercy.  My love shall be revealed to them and extended to the lost they seek to find. My holy harvesters will give My pure Word and not a fairytale gospel. 

Many of My holy harvesters are young, even children, but they have hearts like warriors and do not shrink back when I tell them to advance.  Their very parents and mentors will be challenged to new levels of faith for being in their presence.  Some will be in error when they call them "reckless."  Reckless is one who jumps out of a plane with a snowboard seeking personal glory.  I seek those whose hearts are courageous and who will turn to serve Me and My glory.  I do not look for those who will continue to be reckless solely for the attention they draw to themselves.  I want and look for those who are not afraid to go where I send them, say what I tell them to say, and obey My Word to the letter.  They seek adventure and an adventure they will receive!  Those who seek to be obedient to Me will receive a crown of glory.  Some will accuse them of being out of control, but do not tether such as these when I Am calling them to soar!

These harvesters, these arrows in My quiver, will surely obey Me. They have learned and will continue to learn to walk in My counsel.  Their respect, reverence and love for Me is unshakable and unstoppable.  They hear My voice and another they will not follow.

There was a time that I had need of hirelings, though it was not My preference, it was necessary.   Soon these will be replaced by My holy harvesters.  These will protect My sheep from wolves and false shepherds.  I can trust them to do My will and not their own. They do not seek Christian fame. They seek to bring their heavenly Father honor, glory and praise.

My holy harvesters eat a steady diet of My bread and continually bathe in My Living Water.  They readily learned to recognize the pitfalls of sin, and they make no excuse to join behavior that they know offends and grieves My Spirit. Sin they once winked at now makes them mourn and weep.

These will go to the Threshing Floor of My Presence and intercede for their loved ones. They will stand in the gap for the lost souls that surround them.  They will go to the nations. They will persevere and they will prevail over My enemies. My glory will be seen around and about them in the gross darkness of this world's system.  They are the ones filled with My joy and when approached by My messengers with an assignment they will reply, "May it be done unto me according to Your will, Father."

Arise My harvesters, arise!  Arise, shine for your light has come!  Be counted as those in Gideon's army.  Arise and come forth into the destiny that I have planned for you.  As you take My hand, I will walk with you to places you desire to go and even where you desire not to go.  As with My sons in the book of Daniel, I will walk with you in the fire and you will not be burned nor will you smell of smoke.  As with My daughter Esther, I will hold out My golden scepter and bid you to come and bring your petition. As with My servant Nehemiah, I will give you the plans and the blueprints of how to restore the broken walls of My church - My holy city. As with Abraham, I will show you where to go and greatly bless you and many nations will be blessed because you have obeyed My voice.  I have many such examples, but I will leave you with one more.  As I was with My Beloved Son Jesus, resurrecting Him out of the grave, so I will be with you. 

So do not fear, for I Am with you; do not be dismayed, for I Am your God.  I will, I will, I will strengthen you, and I will uphold you in My righteous right hand.  Be strong and of great courage for I have indeed chosen you.  I will train you and I will send you where your heart yearns to go.  You have My Word to guide you and My Spirit to teach you.  You have faith in My name; you have the power of the Blood of Jesus and you have been given the authority to use it.  As the king in the story of Esther gave her his signet ring, so I give you. Go now and reverse the evil decrees spoken against My beloved Church and seal it with the authority given you. Behold the fields are white and ready for harvest.  Let those who sow in My fields rejoice with those who reap.  Arise My holy harvesters, arise!

Your Father

Judges 7:2-7; Daniel 3:16-27; Esther 5:1-3; Genesis 12:1-2; 22:18; Matthew 28:1-10; Luke 1:38; Isaiah 41-5; 60:1-5; Joshua 1:6; John 4:35-36

As I write this, there is a story on the news that is the enemy's counter-attack to this word.  They have discovered a video tape of young boys ages 6-14 being trained by AL Qaeda for jihad to kidnap, break into homes, torture and kill.  They are exceptionally well armed.  The Lord's holy harvesters will retaliate with the love of the Father, the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. The weapons of our warfare are not natural but they are mighty in pulling down strongholds of the enemy.  We have read the end of the story and we know that God prevails and all who put their faith in Jesus will prevail with Him.  Amen  Please pray for these children - surely there are many in other such terrible places that need to be brought into the Kingdom of God for healing and restoration.

Here are two links on this news story:,2933,328832,00.html

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