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Who Will You Be?

Who Will You Be?

Judy Bauman


G                            D                             G

Today is a special day a stepping stone in life

                                                 D                    G

You're growing up quickly a path you must find




C                 G                     D

Who will you be in this world?

C                    Am       C                     G

What will you take?  What will you give back?

C                        G                   D

Where does the road your on lead to?

C                        G                  D                                       G

Make your plans pleasing in God's eyes . and you'll succeed


G                                          D               G

No matter your shape your size or your color

                                    D      G

Jesus loves you He died for you



G                                                         D                           G

So do not be discouraged when there is a wall to climb

                                             D                        G

We'll climb it together for together we are strong


Chorus 2x




Written for my son, Ryan's, confirmation at FUMC of Lewisville, TX

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