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The Gathering of Heavenly Army

Jewels from the River: The Gathering of Heavenly Army
Judy Bauman 
October 11, 2011
The Gathering of Heavenly Army:
On September 23, 2011, I was playing my guitar in worship and began to play a very intense rhythm that I had never played before. At one point I was hitting my strings so hard I thought they might break, but didn’t let up. While I was playing I was wondering, what in the world is this sound?  I knew I was playing a rhythm above my skills.  It was intense! This thunderous sound was like horses galloping and the pounding of their hooves seemed to echo through my strings.  After putting the guitar away, I sat to write in my journal. 
The Vision:
A vision suddenly begins to unfold as I write.  I find myself standing on the path at the forest’s edge in a clearing which leads to the River. I can feel the ground shake and though it feels like an earthquake, I know it’s not. It feels the way thunder sounds. It rolls and gets stronger under my feet. I stop and look around to see where the horses are going to appear. The whole forest is on high alert; anticipation and holy awe fills the air.
I can’t see them and realize these horses are coming from a higher spiritual realm than where this vision is taking place. I hear them gallop above and around me and then the sound comes to a halt. It is then that I see the horses and their riders gather at the clearing near the River’s edge. Each takes their place in a circle facing one another.  The horse’s nostrils are flared and their eyes are wide. The riders sit tall and are readied.  The leader I know to be Jesus, but He reveals Himself by a name I have never heard before.  He comes as “Yeshua Nesah”. * His majesty is bright and glorious; His splendor is everlasting. He is the “Glory of Israel!” 
I see “KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS” written on a banner that flows down His leg and the side of His white horse like a waterfall. While I see this banner clearly, I don’t look at the Lord directly because terror has struck my heart. He is as a Lion! He is fierce and commanding and there is blood and fire. My strength fails in the natural where I sit scribing this vision. I shake and cry at the sight of all this and have to stop and pray. I ask the Father to please strengthen me so that I can write. I know I don’t need to be frightened, but I am. The fear, reverence, and awe of the Lord are tangible and paralyzing to my mortal frame; I can’t move.  God is gracious and gives me enough peace and security to continue to write what I am seeing. 
Yeshua Nesah – Jesus the Victorious, is in the circle facing this army of heaven. Though I hear Him speak and understand that these are orders and strategies He’s giving the riders concerning an imminent attack, I don’t understand what language He’s speaking. He doesn’t give me interpretation of what the orders are only that they are orders. However, what I see happening while He speaks to His troops is extraordinary! 
The Commander of the Army of the Angels and Saints speaks and I see swords come out of His mouth and go up into the air. From the distance where I’m standing observing this, the swords seem to dance while in the air as they spin and twirl. I can see they are extremely sharp as the sunlight sparkles off each blade’s edge. Every weapon is uniquely fitted to its intended recipient. Cut jewels along with ornate inlays of wood and metal are seated into each handle; they speak a heavenly language of the individual callings and commitment to serve the King of glory.  There is a symbolic etching on the base of the steel blades. The swords come down into the waiting hand of each rider and they all lift them in unison. The blades ring out as their tips touch and break the silence of the forest; then the riders sheath their weapons. 
The horses then take a step forward with their heads bowed. The Lord’s horse touches his forehead to the foreheads of the horse to his right and to his left. Then each horse touches the other horse’s foreheads in the circle. It seems the Holy Spirit is giving them one mind for the battle. While I see only a small complement of nine warriors with the Lord, I know they represent hundreds of thousands of riders who are armed with the True and Living Word of God. I believe the number also symbolizes the nine fruits and the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit given to the Church to operate in His glory, power and love.
For a brief moment I look and see Jesus – the Man sitting on His horse.  He appears as the Friend that I know and love to visit at the River. Suddenly His face morphs into the face of the Lion of Judah and He lets out a fierce roar which signals it’s time to ride. His roar shakes me to the core.
While the vision fades here, my questions to the Father have just begun! I ask Him, “What does this mean?”
The Holy Spirit explains:
“You are seeing the gathering of the troops of heaven. This is not a natural army. I do not do things the way man does. My ways are holy and right. We will exact change upon the earth. The shakings have started. At no time in man’s history has the earth shaken as it is doing in these days. She is in labor, crying out in pain. The earth does not travail for the coming of Jesus, as some suppose, but for the manifestation – the revealing of the sons of God. I Am birthing something new and few will truly understand.” 
Abruptly the Lord states, “We are finished here today.”
“Wait!” I plead, “What about the troops?”
“What about them?”
“Is there anything else You want me to write about them?”
“Everything is already written and can be clearly read in My word for those willing to see. My people are lazy and want to be spoon-fed. They want others to tell them what is meant in Scripture when I have made it clear they are to be workmen who can rightly divide the word of truth. I Am the Teacher! I Am who teaches what My word says and means. My people perish for lack of knowledge. They engage constantly in worldly and empty chatter and it leads them into ungodly pursuits. Is it not written that foolish and ignorant speculations lead to quarrelling? 
“My beloved has gone astray. She has left her First Love. My church is filled with quarrelling children who all want to be right. None are right all the time – no not one! My people are called to be patient and kind to all, able to teach and quick to forgive. They are called to be humble and allow Me to exalt them in due season. Due season is not their season, but My season!
“Many who call upon My name are lukewarm at best. They eat only the bread they want and spit out what I want them to eat. I have said that there will be trouble and that I have overcome the world, but the prayers prayed to Me are all about releasing them from trouble. Few will pray for My will to be done. Few will drink from My cup. Few will be baptized in it. My cup is everlasting, but most look at the temporal. It is written; Indeed all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. Has My word not taught you that in suffering you will learn patience, and that patience will produce the godly character which I desire to develop in each believer? This godly character will give you hope. Hope is greatly lacking in My Body because there is a failure to see the joy in learning patience. True hope will not disappoint because I pour out My love into you. Look up! Look up and see your HOPE is near – the Hope of Israel is in your midst!
“My Church has failed to see the day and the hour as one to be seized in My name because they fear retribution and loss of property.  So they shrink back. My prophets refuse to rebuke and reprove and many who do have used it to beat My sheep. Correction is never to shame or to be used to control people, but to lead them to the truth of My love for them. A rebuke from My mouth is part of being disciplined and it is always for good. It will produce the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who will submit to My chastening. I reprove those I love and in that love My Church will be lifted and built up. She will be glorious and strong beyond anything anyone has imagine!
“You must root up and tear down, but ONLY for the purpose of building My kingdom – not man’s.
The Lord was very matter-of-fact, clear, very solemn and serious as He spoke. His tone was very patient and wrapped this message in His love. Be assured that He conveyed a sense of deep urgency. 
*Hebrews #5331 ðöç Nesah [netsach]: glory, majesty, splendor, forever, unending, everlasting, always, “the Glory of Israel” emphasizes both glory and eternity; for evermore, perpetual, victory, strength, eternity, eon, endurance
Confirming messages given September 24, October 1 and 8, 2011 at:
Scriptures to ponder:
Isaiah 55:8-11; Hosea 4:6; John 14:26; Romans 3:10;5:3-5, 9-11; 8:19-22; 1 Corinthians 12; Galatians 5:22-26; Second Timothy 2:14-26; 3:12; Hebrews 12:7-15; James 4:10; First John 1:27; Revelation 19:11-16
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Judy Bauman
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