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Jewels From the River: The Flood III - The Cleansing

Jewels From the River: The Flood III - The Cleansing


Judy Bauman



Posted October 28, 2009


This is Part Three in the series called, The Flood.  To see the first two parts please visit


The Cleansing


Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:2a)


July 30, 2009


Jesus met me on the path leading to the River and carefully took my hand. He states, "The water is still too dangerous for us to swim or go near because of all the debris from The Cleansing." 

"What do You mean, Lord?" I inquire.

"The whirlwind of My Spirit is shaking everything that can be shaken.  Surely you have felt it!"

"Yes Lord, I have."

As we draw near, the River becomes very loud and I see it is raging downhill and is still in sever flood state.

He continues, "The shakings are personal and they are local, they are national and they are global.  As you know, My coming will not be a quiet affair.  I will descend with a shout!  Few have thought about My shout and what it will sound like.  I was the Lamb of God when I walked the earth over 2,000 years ago, but I will return as the Lion of the tribe of Judah and all will hear Me roar!  The voice of an archangel and the trumpet of God will sound! Make no mistake and make it clear that My return will be seen, felt and heard by all." (See First Thessalonians 4:16)

"You have been close to a train when it went by.  It shakes you and your heart races as the engineer blows its mighty horn and its thunderous wheels roll across the metal tracks.  You have been under jet airplanes as they have flown just overhead and have heard a sonic boom when a military jet raced through an air show. Even the sound of a fire-truck rushing by causes great alarm; I tell you plainly, the earth will know when I return.  It is not going to be a secret.  In My day when a thief came in the night, they did not sneak in, they came in raiding parties. Yet with all My warning, My coming will catch many unaware.

"My people need to be shaken out of their complacency.  The hour is late!"  (See )

As we stand upon the shoreline, I see the remains of a building go by us within the body of the raging River.  Huge pieces of lumber and sections of walls churn in its violent current.   Then I hear a tumultuous sound crashing down from upriver.  It is the roof of a large building.  I look and see a steeple bobbing up and down as its former home is swept down River.  I look over at the Lord.

"Many have started churches on their own.  Some have been told that they were pastors by well-meaning folks when they were not.  They went into My sheep pen before My Holy Spirit opened the Gate.  I Am the Gate to the sheep pen and anyone not waiting on Me to open the Door is a thief!  Some do not mean to be a thief, and do have a genuine call to lead a church; however, they go in their own timing and not Mine, so My will for their life is corrupted." (See John 10)

He states, "THAT is the result," while pointing at the debris being swept downriver.  The roof with its steeple is carried off out of sight.  Involuntarily, I let out a deep sigh followed by a groan.  The Lord puts His arm around my shoulder and says, "The shaking must start in My church, Jewels.  It cannot be any other way.  I do not show that kind of favoritism. What is happening in the natural - famines, droughts, floods, earthquakes and so on - are outward results of what is happening in My church.  All of nature is crying out to My people to rise up and be who they are in Me! Creation groans for the manifestation of those who are called by My name.  It cries out to be healed!" (See Romans 8:19-21)

"The secular world senses this but they think they can fix this with their green movements, recycling programs and save the earth mantras.  While most of this is futile, they at least sense there is something that can be done.  They are correct.  If My sons and daughters would only arise, shine and let My glory be seen about them, then the real changes would happen.  But most of those who call themselves by My name have fallen asleep.  All ten virgins fell asleep, both the wise and the foolish. My disciples could not stay awake with Me for even one hour in My travail.  Have I not said that if those who are called by My name (Christ-ians) would repent and turn from their sin, I would hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land?  IT IS SO SIMPLE! So many think it is the terrible sinners of the world that need to repent, but that is not what My Word says! It is MY PEOPLE called by MY NAME who need to repent and turn from their sin - then I will heal their land!"  (See Matthew 25:1-13; 26:40 and 2 Chronicles 7:14)

"It is My own people who are hiding sin and they think because others do not see it, they are getting away with it.  Many believe, honestly believe, that though what they are doing is clearly sin, it is okay for them to do it!  They believe they will be forgiven because I Am merciful, but they test My patience.  They do not know their hour is late."  (See Luke 12:20)

"I called My children out of Egypt.  I led them into the Promised Land.  But their sin found them and only two entered in.  Two out of millions!  Paul wrote that the sins of the flesh are obvious." (See Galatians 5:19-23 and First Corinthians 6:9)  "John recorded in Revelation 21:7, 8 that the one who overcomes is the one who will inherit My blessings." (See also Revelations chapters 2 and 3.)

I watch the Lord intently as He speaks.  There is no hint of anger but His voice relays His heart-breaking disappointment in our failure to understand.

He continues, "When I came to the earth, I came to show people how to walk, talk, eat, drink, pray, dance, cry, sleep, suffer, rejoice, live and so much more.  But like those invited to the wedding of the king's son, they go on their merry way tending to the things that concern them most.  They are not concerned with what concerns Me most!  So this is the result."  (See Matthew 22:1-14)

The Lord looks back at the River and gets very quiet as we watch as other buildings roll in its torrent. It reminds me how a crocodile takes its prey in a "death roll". Houses, businesses, churches and some buildings I cannot even identify are destroyed beyond recognition.

He adds one last thing, "Jewels, what I tell you in secret, speak in public. What I whisper to you, shout from the rooftops." (See Matthew 10:27)

"Yes, Lord."  I can only answer Him in a hushed tone. I am overwhelmed by what I am seeing rolling down the River, but more so, from watching the tears roll down Jesus' face. 

~End vision~


In Christ,

Judy Bauman


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