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Jewels From the River: The Flood II

Jewels From the River: The Flood II


Judy Bauman



Posted September 22, 2009




The Flood II


So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 1 Corinthians 4:18 


May 22, 2009


As I sat with my journal, reading the last posted River vision ThefloodI, I am stirred as I read again of the Lord's invitation to "Come into My garden."  I ask Him if I can come and He answers with a reassuring, "Yes, I have been waiting for you!"

I see the Lord and He is sitting in a sandy area where there was once grass.  He is wearing coveralls and there are children all around Him.  They are playing with Him like He is a jungle-gym.  They are all laughing and having fun.  He glances up and winks at me, then returns His attention to a giggly little girl that won't let go of His little finger.  She laughs while saying, "I got Your finger!"  The Lord pretends to struggle to get away; He reassures her she that she is very strong.  As she giggles, she drops her head down a bit and the Lord jumps up and lifts her off her feet and tosses her in the air - much to her giggling delight!  He tosses her up in the air a few more times and then gently sets her on her feet.  Laughing, she runs off to join a game of tag.  I hear a little voice from a distance shouting, "You're it!!!" 

The Lord and I leave them to play.  They know we are nearby and they are safe.

"I love to watch You, Lord."  I just gaze at Him.  He is so beautiful and yet indescribable.  What I see is love.  Love in its purest form - Jesus!!!

He laughs.

Then He says what my heart loves to hear, "Come on - I have something to show you." 

As we walk I start to feel convicted for not coming to the River for four days. I break the silence, "Lord, when I saw the devastation of the flood, I felt so discouraged.  I am sorry I have not been here to help with the clean up.  It would seem my spiritual body was taking on the weakness and pain of my natural body."

"Judy, when did I tell you I needed you to clean up the mess?"

I look back in my journal and I tell Him, "Lord, I saw us cleaning it up together.  On a few occasions in the past 4 days I have gotten glimpses of the mess and it was so discouraging, so overwhelming, and I have been so grieved."

Jesus answers me in a sympathetic tone, "Honey, you need to understand what this flood is, where it came from, what My intentions are in it, and how My glory will be seen through it."

He asks me, "Do you see where the children are playing?"

"Yes, Lord."  I answer in a hushed voice.

"I cleared that area first.  In fact, there was never soft sand there before.  It was pushed up by the flood. I carefully sifted and cleaned it.  I removed all the debris so the sand would be clean and now the children can play safely in it."

I hear their laughter.  The children are also running up into the forest where an intercessor named Anna, lives in a small cottage.  I have met her on occasion and though she is old, she is nimble.  All the paths to her lovely home are like deer paths - low and difficult to pass through.  It is always a treat to be near her.  Smoke continually rises from her chimney and this is symbolic of her prayers rising up as a sweet aroma to Father God.

The Lord laughs and states, "They love playing near Anna's!  They do not realize this but many of her prayers are for them and they are safe around her property."

He then gives me some very specific instructions for children I will encounter and how to pray and anoint them.  I see these children joyfully dancing and praising King Jesus. 

I look back at the Lord; He is no longer wearing His work clothes, but is dressed in glorious kingly attire!  I fall on my face in worship.  "O to talk and walk with such a magnificent King!!!"  I weep and cry and sing. I am completely overwhelmed.  I am overcome in the natural as well as the spirit, but I am compelled to continue to scribe what I see. 

"O glory to my King!  He rides the heavens with fire and rain and wind and peals of rolling thunder follow flashes of lightning!  He rides the chariots of horses and lions with wings of eagles.  O glory to Your name, Jesus, Majesty on high!"

Suddenly we are back on the sandy beach next to the River and He is talking as if we were in mid-conversation.  He is again in His work clothes; the Lord stops talking and looks at me as only He can do - straight into my soul!

"Oh God!  I am undone!" I fall to my face and weep. I am so aware of my failings and sin, doubts and unbelief.  "How can You even love someone like me? Why do You care?"  I am caught in lament, regret and shame knowing my sin is ever before me.

Jesus touches my back.  He strokes my hair.  I ask Him to help me and He says, "Judy, I will cause all your pain and wounding to melt like wax."  He continues to speak directly into my life. 

"I want to confirm what you have already sensed. Out of the ruins of the flood will come a beautiful garden!   It will be a resting place for you and I unlike anything we have enjoyed before.  You are right to think the flood represents Satan's plans and the River represents your body.  He seeks to wreak havoc and you are torn up in your body.  But I can mend you.  I can restore you.  I can bring forth beauty that was not there before. I have come to give you life and give it to you in abundance.  LIFE - not stuff - as some would think - LIFE!"

In this I knew He was saying that He would bring His purpose out of destruction.  It is like when Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery; he stated that though they had meant him harm, God had used it for good.  My body represents the Body of Christ and His promises are for the whole of His Body, not just for one.  His promises are for you.  We know that though we may be struck down, we are not destroyed.  It is with this promise to bring LIFE that I take a deep breath and close my journal until next time.pondering what He has shown me.still shaking from His magnificence.

~End vision


Earlier this month someone asked me why the Lord is showing me these things - what His purpose is in the River visions.  I answered that I was unsure of the fullness of it, but what I do know is that He wants each of us to quiet ourselves so that we can hear His voice no matter what is going on around us.  The best way I know is to spend time with the Lord journaling.  When you share your thoughts with the Lord, your worship, your questions, and perhaps what you see in what He is showing you in Scripture, it gives Him a chance to respond to you. Be sure and write what you hear Him say.  A conversation is not just one person doing all the talking.  Stop and hear what He has to say.  Quieting yourself is the best way to hear Him.  It is difficult to sit with someone you don't trust.  If you want to trust the Lord then you have to get honest with Him.  He already knows what is going on with you and in you, but the heart of the matter is for you to come clean to Him. You are safe in His arms!

Recently I was sitting with the Lord with my journal and I asked Him if there were something He wanted to teach me. He said, "Of course there is, I am just waiting for your mind to come to a resting point."  I thought I was being still; but though my body was sitting still, I had a hundred things going through my head.  We all probably tend to do that, but this is a constant fight for me.  Sometimes we think that when a person has a mystical encounter with the Lord they are someone really special.  God is not one to respect one person over another. He wants all His children to hear His voice!  It is our choice to come and listen and do what He shows us.  He is always available to all of us.  If the River visions prove to do anything, I pray they will to provoke you to be still and listen for His quiet voice.  Listen so you can see, see so you can hear, hear so that you know His voice; in that knowing you will learn who to follow as the days grow dark with a gross darkness. 

Right now we are in a season of repentance (Jewish New Year and The Days of Awe September 18-27, 2009).  There is mercy for you at the Throne of Grace!  COME BOLDLY!!!

Arise I say!  Arise, shine, for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you!  Amen


In the Father's love,

Judy Bauman

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