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The Blanket of Compassion

Jewels from the River: The Blanket of Compassion

Judy Bauman



August 12, 2010



The Blanket of Compassion


As I approached the River this morning, the Lord came to meet me on the path and very slowly and gently took my hand and we walked casually toward the River.  Sometimes when He meets me we run or swim or even fly, but this was very tender and slow. I wonder what's up since I have been so busy as of late and have not been to the River to see the Lord in some time.  The way we walk together reminds me of a young courting couple who walk by a river, lake or ocean shore intently focused on one another.  This is the mood Jesus has set for this meeting.


The Lord stops at a large flat rock, sits down and pats the rock inviting me to join Him there.  The Lord clearly has something on His mind.  He looks concerned.  I wonder if I am in trouble for not spending the kind of time I would like in prayer and study and waiting on Him.  Knowing my thoughts, Jesus looks at me with deep compassion.  This compassion emanates from His very being and permeates me in a tangible way.   I feel like a soft, warm blanket of love has come around and enveloped me!  It is so incredibly comforting that I am at a loss for words to describe it except to say it is wonderful and it makes me feel completely safe, loved and full of life!


A gentle smile blossoms and radiates from Jesus' face.  This too is so magnificent it is indescribable.


"Beloved One," I softly inquire, "To what do I owe such an honor that my Lord would visit me with such tenderness and compassion?"  He knows I do not mean He is not usually tender, but is fully aware that He is releasing an extraordinary impartation of compassion.  I am not even sure if it is for me or given to me for others.


As Jesus breaks the silence, a sudden hush comes over all the forest creatures as if they too desire to hear what He is about to say.  "It is for both you and for others."


I begin digging through my Bible looking for references on "tender mercies" and "compassion".  I rest on Colossians 3:12b where Paul writes, ".put on a heart of compassion."  Colossians 3:12-17 is one of my favorite passages anyway, but today I have a new understanding of this one little part.  I have PUT ON the blanket of compassion and I am reminded of when Jesus said that we are to take His "yoke" which is "easy and light". (See Matthew 11:28-30)  It is exactly how this Blanket of Compassion feels around me.  His compassion is easy and light and I find rest in it.


The Lord goes on to comment about His compassion, "You need this; My Church needs this.  For in the days to come many will allow their hearts to wax cold."


I feel the cold try to encroach upon my soul and I wrap the Blanket around me tighter and snuggle deep into His compassion until I feel warm again.


"Yes child," He continues, "This Blanket will keep you warm and it will warm all who allow Me to wrap them in it.  Everything around you will and does scream for you to close up and close down.  The times will try to dictate to you that you must hoard and hide, for the days are evil, but I say to you to share and go forth in My confidence and compassion.  I say you are to arise in My glory and shine as the noonday sun and give light in the darkness!"


"Do not give heed to the voices of despair as My Word testifies that I Am well able to bring you out of any bondage, slavery, or hardship you suffer.  Trust Me and lean into My love and tender mercies as they are new every morning."


With that He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead and the vision faded.



Praise God!  AMEN!!!  May you be blessed in the Father's love, mercy and compassion!

Judy Bauman





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