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Sit with Me Awhile

Jewels from Judy: Sit with Me Awhile

Judy Bauman

A word from ABBA Father: Sit with Me Awhile

“The busyness and hurried life can rob something very important from you if you are not careful. You seek answers to questions, solutions to problems, and hope to gain understanding where there is confusion. If you are busy seeking these, yet have no time to spend with the One who created all things, you are causing yourself and others to be weighted down with worry. There are cares of this world one needs to tend, but not to the exclusion of spending time in My presence.

“Learn from King David, who had many cares while conducting kingdom business, yet he came and sat before Me. I invite you to come and sit before Me. As I promised David I would have a descendent of his build My temple, so I tell you that you are the living stones of that temple. Christ Jesus Himself is the Cornerstone. I Am fitting My stones together which grows into a holy temple and dwelling of My Spirit. This is My church, My beloved, whom I jealously watch over. Whoever hurts you hurts Me. Beloved, be loved.”


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Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.

In the Father’s love,

Judy Bauman

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