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Shake Off That Snake Bite

Shake Off That Snake Bite



                                                  G                                                C

Paul was preachin' the good news

                                                          G                                            D

About Jesus and the Father

                                                                        G                                         C

He was shipwrecked on Malta Island

                                                                        G                           D               G

Where a snake latched onto his hand


                             C                                                           G

Shake off that snake bite, shake off that snake bite

                                           D                                                                        G

Shake it off when the Devil lies to you-ou-ou

                                   C                                                           G

Resist him at his onset and he will flee from you

                                                D                                                                      G

Shake off, shake off that snake bite


                                                          G                                         C

Paul went about his business

                                                          G                                                       D

Collectin' wood for some heat

                                                          G                                                       C

The islanders thought him a dead man

                                                                   G                  D                     G

But Paul suffered no defeat


                                                 G                                                          C

The chief of the island was quite ill

                                                          G                                                        D

Paul went and sat by his side

                                               G                                                                 C

Paul prayed then he put hands on him

                                                                 G                                  D                     G

They believed for the chief didn't die



Copyright 1997 by Judy Bauman

Acts 28:3-9, James 4:7






Dear Lord,

Thank you for the teacher you have brought into my home. J. M. has been such a blessing to me.  I thank you for helping me to see when the  snake bite happens so I can resist him.  Teach me how to submit to you more, and to get under your mission.  Praise You Lord Jesus.

                                           Obediently yours,   Judy                     7/28/97  &  10/3/97

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