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Listen to Wisdom and Live!

Jewels From The River: Listen to Wisdom and Live!

Judy Bauman



August 18, 2009



This is Part 4 of a 4 part series.  To see Parts 1-3 please go to:


Listen to Wisdom and Live!

As I walk down the path that leads to where I meet the Lord at the River, I can see through the trees that the waters are still high and dangerous.1 Jesus comes toward me from the right (downriver).  I have never seen Him approach me from this direction as He has always come from upriver. 2

In an urgent tone of voice He calls out to me, "Come this way.  I have something I want to show you!"

I am filled with anticipation and excitement, but fear and trepidation begin to take hold as we traverse the undefined and difficult path.  The trail, if you could call it that, is narrow and thick with underbrush. "Come on!" He shouted back, "You are falling behind.  Keep up!"  I struggle to step over a thick tree that has fallen on its side and is stretched over the path. 

 "Yes, Lord," is all I can say because our pace is so fast and I am out of breath.  Usually when the Lord takes me somewhere, He is not in a rush like He is now.  I ask, "What's the," I gasp for air, "hurry?"

"You'll see!"  The Lord adds, "Few people ever come this way." 3

"Judy, remember, you are not subject to natural laws here. You can simply decide not to be out of breath."  Just then I no longer feel out of breath or weak.  He reaches His hand back and when I take hold of it, I feel His strength propel me forward.  We make great strides through the forest at the River's edge.  We take a sharp right turn and are running at an incline.  The air now seems cooler and refreshing where before it had been muggy and oppressive.  He and I begin to run like deer and leap over fallen trees like we are jumping hurdles!  It is so fun!  He is blazing the trail in front of me and I am right at His heels.  It feels great to run this fast - it has been awhile! 

Suddenly we come to a clearing.  We are on the shore of a big tributary that converges later with the River.  This area has not been affected by the raging of the River itself.  There is a man there who is baptizing people.  The Lord states, "Behold, the baptism of John."  Each person there is penitent as they watch and wait their turn.  One man comes out of the water with a great splash and a shout! The once quiet line of onlookers erupts with applause and shouts of joy. 

A little girl is next in line for baptism and it is obvious that she is nervous.  But it is equally apparent that she is determined.  As she comes out of the water she looks up and sees the Lord.  The crowd cheers for her, but they do not see Him.  They are looking at the next person in line who is carefully stepping into the water.  The Lord opens His arms wide and the little girl runs and leaps into His waiting embrace.  Jesus tosses her in the air a few times, twirl around, hug, and then they turn to watch the others being baptized.  I glance that way too, but only briefly; I am much more drawn to watch the interaction between the Lord and this precious little girl.  I know the Lord knows I am there, but He does not even look at me once throughout this whole scene.  In fact it would seem no one is aware of my presence, which makes observing easier.

One thing I find intriguing about the girl is that her ethnicity keeps changing!  As I study her facial features she first looks to be from European decent, then she appears to be from somewhere in the Middle East; she then appears to look Asian, then African, then appears Hispanic.  I cannot get a lock on her appearance!  (It is like looking at the Lord; try as I might, I can never make out His facial features.) It is also difficult to guess her age because one moment she looks three or four and the next she looks ten or twelve.  (See Luke 18:15-17).

She takes the Lord's face firmly in-between her hands and says with all sincerity, "Father, I want the baptism of Jesus."

The girl is holding the Lord's face in her hands and gazing into His eyes with profound intent.  Her determination is inspiring.  He peers into her soul to see if she is ready for His baptism.  His eyes look like a laser of fire scanning her soul to see if she can drink from His cup.  (See Matthew 3:11, 12; Second Corinthians 3:11-15; Acts 2:3, 4, 17; Revelation 2:18b)

"You are ready, child," He proclaims, "be baptized with the baptism of My love."

The girl falls backwards, but is suspended by the Lord's hands.  His fingers are clasped together and they seem to act as a funeral pyre holding her as she is engulfed by fire.  The fire is yellow and orange and under her it is blue, but she herself is glowing white.  The girl, now the size and age of a grown woman, is completely aglow.  She stands up and elegantly walks out of the flames.  The woman is now dressed in a formal white gown with white shoes and long white gloves.  Her hair is pulled up in braids with long soft curls accenting her neckline.  Her gown moves with her like a cascading waterfall with each step taken.  Light emanates from her.  She is beautiful! 4

"THIS is what My Church should look like!" declares the Lord with a loud voice.  He looks very well pleased. 

~End vision

He Spoke this exhortation to the Church:

"I want My Body to understand that the submergings (baptisms) are not a onetime occurrence.  One could be dunked in water every week, yet still not be submerged into My life.  Like the five foolish virgins, one could be "kept" for Me, have a candle which is lit, could be waiting for Me, yet when the time comes they are not actually prepared or known by Me.  They assumed they knew the timing of My return and therefore could keep their assets for themselves. They did not invest their precious resources to secure extra oil while they could; as a result they are locked out of My kingdom.  Their sin is presumption." (See Matthew 25:1-13).

"Likewise there are many who have gone through a ceremony of being washed.  Some in their piousness think the method is so important, but it is the baptism of the heart that I am most concerned."  (See Psalm 51:10; Matthew 5:8; 15:8).

"To be crucified - that is to say to be baptized (submerged) into a life of crucifixion is what I desire.  I want a life lived crucified to the flesh and its desires and wishes and lusts.  It is not only sexual lusts that so many think is the greatest offense against the Father, but the lust for power, and in that, money is the root.  Those who go seeking riches and wealth, especially those claiming to do so in My name void of My leading, will be brought to a bitter end.  Their god will surely forsake them and leave them without care or concern.  Mammon will leave laughing and mocking her adorers.  She is insatiable in her quest and appetite for bodies.  She will not stop until she has sucked everything she can get out their life. She is akin to idolatry and she bathes in pools of harlotry." (See Proverbs 7:24-27; Mark 10:38, 39; Galatians 2:20).

"Even in My beloved Church many have come to petition Me to grant them permission to lay in the bed of the Harlot!  They beg with the promise of giving to build My kingdom.  What they do not know is that for many, Mammon will make them her slave, and then the promise to build My Church will be forgotten.  She will be pursued like a fictional lover who holds the promise to satisfy. Just as she is reached, Mammon will hold her lover at arm's length.  She gives just enough for a taste and then denies full access.  She strips her victims naked and leaves them to bear the shame of their nakedness for all to see."  (See Revelation 2:22)         

"You cannot serve God and Mammon."  (See First Kings 18:21; Ecclesiastes 5:10; Matthew 6:24; First Timothy 6:10). 

"It is My desire and My hope to draw you to Myself through another woman I cherish.  Her name is Wisdom.  She dwells with Prudence.  Her fruit is better, yes sweeter, than gold or silver.  She has always been with Me and it is My desire that she is always with you.  Her spirit is in My Spirit.  She will always come out of the fire not smelling of smoke for she will never bow her knee to another." (See and study Proverbs 8; Daniel 3; Isaiah 11:1-3).

"If you want life and life in abundance, I urge you to listen to Wisdom and live." (See John 10:10).



I pray you are blessed in the Father's love,

Judy Bauman


1)   I will write why the River waters have been high and dangerous, as I believe the Lord has released me to share more River visions.

2)   Jesus' common approach from "upriver" is significant in that it is "closer to the SOURCE of the River"!  (See Hebrews 5:9; Psalm 46:4; Revelation 22:2)

3)   "Few come this way." = the narrow and difficult path.  This path was also symbolized later by the baptism of fire the little girl requested.  (See Matthew 7:14)

4)    With all the beautiful celebrities pictured online, I could not find one that could match the beauty and elegance of this woman to use as an example! I could not even find one with the same hairstyle! (See Revelations 19:7-9)


The song, Baptize My Heart by Misty Edwards comes to mind and this video online is a short version of it:



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