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Let the Adventures Continue!

Jewels From the River: Let the Adventures Continue!

Judy Bauman


August 4, 2009

Jewels from the River - Let the Adventures Continue! 

This is Part 2 of a 4 part series.  To see Part 1 please go to


This took place on June 26, 2009 at 11:33 am, one year after the first River Vision.  Since that time I have seen many wonderful things, but nothing like what He shared on this specific date.  His demeanor is telling of the day and hour in which we live, and more importantly, where we stand as a Body. Before we get into the second River Vision, I want to start with a portion of the prayer I was praying prior to going to the River. Instead of writing this in a first person prayer as it is in my journal, I will write it as a corporate prayer.  It is my hope that you will come with me and hear what I believe Jesus shared is His heart's cry for the Church. Let us now go boldly to the Throne Room of Grace.

Praise You God of Israel, You who delights in forgiveness and casts iniquity into the depths of the sea.  You delight in unchanging love!  Glory to You!  O Father, take us to Your cleansing streams and to Your healing waters. Anoint our eyes with mud that we can wash and see You anew.  Bring us to Your River in the City of our God. Amen


The River:

As I approach the River I see the Lord sitting by its banks. He is squatted down and is whittling wood shavings into a fire pit.  He strikes a flint at the stack of shavings and its spark starts a small fire.  He carefully tends it until it is steadily burning.  It is nighttime (in the vision). 

His mood is very somber. I have never seen Him act this way. It seems He is grieved and torn inside.  I am not sure what to do.  Do I sit across from Him or next to Him? I have such a need to comfort Him. I quietly sit by His side, put my left arm around His shoulder, and lay my head on His right arm.  His breathing sounds distressed like He is either crying or about to.

A random thought slipped into my mind to get up, go into the other room and turn on the television.  But I realized that I could not leave the Lord at such a solemn time!  I shook it off and focused my attention on Him. "I am so sorry, Lord." Even though I feel ashamed and embarrassed after being betrayed by my own thoughts, He overlooks my insensitivity.  

One thing the Lord told me about the River visions was that I could come ANYTIME I wanted, but there was one thing that would be a hindrance.  Distractions!  I have learned outside distractions can sometimes be shut out, but inner distractions cannot. 

The Lord softly states, "If you are having these distractions, can you imagine what is happening in My Body?" 

It is not that I am any better than anyone else in His Body. He says this knowing I have purposed myself to spend large blocks of time to seek His face, yet I still struggle with distractions keeping me from this goal.

Jesus begins to weep at the loss of so many people's attention.

After He regains His composure the Lord speaks in a hushed tone, "My people think about work and money, the stock market and government, family and friends, movies, TV and entertainment, the internet and games, feasts and parties; but in all these things many have forsaken the call on their lives.  I have asked them if they will embrace their destinies1, and though some do, many more only honor Me with their lips.  Their hearts are far from Me."

I am reminded of the parable of the wedding feast for the king's son as is recorded in Matthew 22 and how the king invited people who were too busy to come. "It floors me, Lord, they did not come to such a wonderful celebration!"

"Judy, the time of Times is soon.  It is not as soon as some may think, but if true preparations are not made, many will be lost forever.  Some think this means to store up food, but when did I (Jesus) teach to hoard food?  Or gold?"

"I commanded that the people store for themselves riches in heaven and they have failed to understand."

At this point the Lord had me dig deep into the Scriptures.  It was a huge meal!  I studied Matthew 6:19-34, Luke 12:13-40, James 5:1-3, and I recommend you do too.  I also read the book of Micah and the cross references recorded in both 2 Chronicles and 2 Kings.  Micah 6:14-16 was particularly disturbing as it relates to God's people today and its applications to America. (By God's people I mean, the Church - whether Jew or Gentile, those who claim Christ Jesus as their Messiah.)

After studying, I was back at the River with deeper understanding of the Lord's rich mercy, patience and love for us, but only to suffer rejection from man again and again. "Wow, Lord.  Reading about the adultery - the idolatry of the people is heartbreaking." 

He went on to explain, "Judy, the people have made HIGH PLACES OF WORSHIP in their need and desire for entertainment.  The lack of sweetness has people craving sweets as they mindlessly take in entertainment.  Have you noticed that when people go to a movie there are certain comfort foods eaten?  The same goes for those watching TV, playing computer and video games.  My people are being desensitized as they take in things that poison their minds and bodies, and as a result, subdue their spirit-man. They will then think on those things more than anything.  It is like the Asherah Pole carved by man's hands and set in the highest place in the temple of My children's hearts."

"Lord," I sorrowfully answer, "This is a heavy word."  I look and see the heaviness of His countenance. 

He continues, "I warn, I speak, I come to men, women and children and wash them with My word.  I manifest it to them, Jewels, but very few will listen."

I feel my own guilt and need for deliverance.  I feel the fear of man trying to rise up against this (if I share this, what will people think), but I cannot allow it to win.

"To be friends with the world is to be at enmity with God." The Lord warns, but there is no hint of judgment in His voice.  He is very matter of fact.  He is so still and quiet - like a man who has lost His best friend.  I don't know what to say.  He wraps His arms around me and states, "I need someone to speak the truth, Jewels, I don't need any more prophets that refuse to say what I say when it is difficult.  There is a cost to being My messenger, Honey."  He holds me closer. "I need you to warn My people.  My people, like you, have gone asleep.  They must return to their 1st Love.  Their works are being weighed in the balance and they have been found lacking.  Their love of money has become their god.  They look to acquire more wealth than to embrace the Cross and follow My leading.  They follow their own hearts and minds to do what is good in their own eyes and not Mine.  I will give you the exact word to give and it will be released at the exact time I have purposed to receive the maximum benefit."

"Lord, I have not felt this kind of spiritual fear in some time and I know it is of You.  I will obey You, Father.  I will love what You love and hate what You hate, God!"

"Jewels, do not mistake what I am saying to you. I want you to be that woman who works the leaven into the Body of Christ.  You can't be so separated you miss ministering to the lost!  My Body needs what I Am and what I will give you.  Render to God what is God's - your heart, mind, soul and spirit.  I went to where the down-trodden live and move and have their being. They need someone willing to go in and get a little dirty to pull them out."

As the Lord speaks, I am reminded of something He showed my son a few years ago; I share it with permission. In his vision, the Father used a place we visited once when he was a little boy to show him something very important.  There is a wretched place called, Bumpass Hell, at Mt. Lassen State Park in California.  Bumpass Hell is a dangerous basin within the volcanic park that does not hold water but instead crusty, bubbling mud.  It lives up to its sinister name with the stench of steaming sulfur filling the air.2  You would not want to stray off the safety of the boardwalk!  The Lord showed my son people who were trapped in the muddy basin.  They were trying to swim out and some were calling out for help.  He saw himself on the boardwalk reaching down and grabbing as many people as he could, lifting them out, and setting them down on the boardwalk.  He then turned back to pull more out of the hellish pit.  Some he tried to reach turned away and refused his help.  These died in the bubbling lake of mud.  He was grieved for them but had to stay focused on the ones he could reach.  When my son told me about this he said, "Mom, I have to try to get as many of them out as I can, but I can't do it without getting a little dirty."

I answer the Lord, "Yes, I understand what you are saying." 

He leans over and takes my head in His hands and kisses my forehead and tenderly says, "I love you.  I always have and I always will.  I promise to equip you for the battles ahead and I promise to take care of your seed.  I have never left you and I never will.  THAT you can count on.  Come on, it's time to go."  End vision 3:11pm


I pray you too will see what the Father is saying to you about your part in working the "leaven of heaven" into the dough, and that you will allow Him to steer your heart into His perfected love.  Amen

In the Father's love,

Judy Bauman




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