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Wednesday, July 31 2019

The Black Supermoon And Thoughts Going Forward

Judy A Bauman

The Assignment of the Lord

As I shared last week, the Lord showed me that the enemy is planning a strategic attack in what the Holy Spirit called a “Curse Bomb.” He also gave a strategy of prayer in order to counter that attack by praying for confusion to be released into the enemy’s camps. Please remember, the weapons of our warfare are not natural, but they are mighty in the pulling down of strongholds. Our weapons are praise, worship, feeding on His word and rightly dividing it, doing what He has asked of us (the righteous acts of the saints), operating in the fruits of the Spirit, as well as developing the gifts He has given to each of us. 1

Faith and Glory Bombs Released Over the Nation!

After sending out “A Call to Prayer for There is A Black Moon Rising,” 2 I received an email from a trusted friend and advisor. He shared that he saw faith and glory bombs going off all over this nation! I called to clarify what he wrote, and from what I gathered, the glory bombs that are falling are the Lord’s presence and they come by faith in Him to answer our prayers. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Keep in mind that it is not about our prayers being perfect; rather, God answers from our expectation that He will move on our behalf. He loves us, hears us, and answers our prayers because of His goodness and mercy. Prayer is manifesting spiritually through faith and glory bombs. They are released through childlike faith and expectation in Abba Father!

What’s Next?

Ask yourself this very important question: Going forward, what is my part in God’s plans? What is your part in praying for America’s God-given destiny that ‘the enemy of our soul’ is working to destroy? Remember our destiny is knitted together with Israel’s, so prayer must include that relationship. We all can pray and trust our Father hears us (because He does). Let’s partner with the Lord and be clear on our part in His plans and be obedient and boldly come to the Throne of Grace in our time of need. 2 Tonight is the Black Moon (as explained earlier 3), and our part is to operate in faith, continue praying for President Trump and all near and dear to him. Allow God to show us His glory as we come to Him in faith. Remember, we are not to curse the people, but pray for their eyes to be opened and for their salvation. 4 When they see the wicked ones see their “curse bomb” has been destroyed, they will try something else. The true enemy knows his time is short. 5 God answers our prayers as we seek His face. 6

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