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I Need You To Stand

Jewels from the River: I Need You To Stand!
Judy Bauman 
August 26, 2011
I Need You To Stand!
My prayer as comes from a deep yearning to see from the Lord’s perspective, “There is no one like You Lord! Let me get my eyes off the vantage point of Terra Firma (earth) and come to Your front porch swing. Grant me access to the heavenly perspective of Your Throne of grace, Father. Forgive me for looking at the waves (troubles of the world) and not at You.”  
Deep down I have felt guilty for not coming to see Him at the River for a couple of weeks. The Lord breaks through my thoughts saying,“Before you go any further down that vein, I want you to be careful of self-abasement. Come. Walk with Me.” 
I see the Lord on the River side of the path and He is holding out His left hand for me to take. I know anything short of boldly taking His hand at His invitation would not only be a form of false-humility, but would also insult my King.
He seems positioned to take me somewhere; however, as I take His hand, He takes mine in both of His, and pulls it deep into His chest. He begins to pray – for me! He reaches for my other hand and wraps His forearms around mine and pulls me deep into His embrace – and continues to pray.
I feel His power and compassion, His love and authority, His peace and dominion. The combination of Jesus’ strength and joy overwhelms me. He gently whispers in my ear, “It is My good pleasure to give you the keys of the kingdom.” He continues to pray, but in a language I have never heard. Then He prays in English so I can understand.
“If I Am for you, who would be against you? I pray that you will know the height, the depth, the width of My love for you, and the fullness of reconciliation that became available on the Cross of Calvary. You are reconciled to Me. Come boldly in your time of need. Do not wait. Do not tarry. Do not kick at the dirt with your head down. 
“Have I not proven that I Am Faithful? Even when you aren’t – I Am Faithful! Even though you were undeserving, I still died for you. Since I was willing to die for you to be reconciled to the Father, why would I not be willing to come to you when you call for My help? Like any good parent, brother or friend, I want you to come and embrace My counsel.”
He extends His arms forward causing me to step back so I can see His face and He can see mine. Jesus holds me up because He knows when I see Him like this it tends to cause my body to react like a rag doll.
The Lord firmly but gently states, “I need you to stand.” He repeats, “I need you to stand.” He looks into my eyes and asks, “Do you understand what I am saying to you?”   I can’t speak at first, so I just nod. He resolutely states for the third time, “I need you to stand!” 
“Yes, Lord.” I can only squeak out a reply; but then the revelation of His power and compassion hits my heart like an arrow hitting a bull’s-eye. I boldly exclaim, “Yes, Lord! I understand!”
“I need you to stand.”  He proclaims this directive for the fourth time. As He speaks, His love and authority drive through my soul! It would seem these arrows should hurt, but instead I am invigorated like I’ve been anemic and just had a blood transfusion from Jesus! I feel strengthened and encouraged. An amazing sense of well-being comes over me.
I need you to standThis message is not just for you, but for My whole BodyI need you to stand.” 
At this another arrow is launched into my being. It is one of peace and dominion. This time I see the arrow clearly as it approaches me. It’s as if I’m seeing it in slow-motion. I can see the arrow’s head, shaft (spine) and fletching (feathers). The head is golden and engraved in it are the letters “YHWH”. The shaft on this arrow reads, “peace” and the fletching reads, “dominion”. (The shaft is the primary structural element of an arrow; the fletching provides stability in flight.) 
I look up at the Lord and notice His countenance had dramatically changed. He is lightning bright with fire in His eyes, and looks fierce and commanding. His height has grown exponentially and He is standing at a distance from me now on the other side of the path. He states firmly for the seventh time, “I need you to stand.” Jesus doesn’t speak this loud, but the voice of the King of kings causes the earth to tremble.
At this moment I am impaled by a fourth arrow. I feel a surge of the Lord’s strength and joy flow up and down my body, and from side to side from the point of impact. Looking down at all four arrows sticking neatly out of my solar plexus, I experience a strange sensation. It is death unto life.  
Suddenly I can see things happening all around the world – troubling things that have disturbed its inhabitants.  They are distractions which keep people from the Throne of Grace: the downfall of economies, governments, families and churches; the sorrowful state of education, and the day-to-day drama of the lifestyles of celebrities who perform before us on life’s stage – along with the antics of the talking heads of media.  I realize these are all things mankind has continually tried to manipulate for their own glory. This is why they are failing. 
Then I see people all over the world running to and fro for answers and direction. They look to money, government and celebrities, but these don’t have answers. They tune their ears to the news for direction. They look to teachers, pastors and parents. The masses reel back and forth and are greatly alarmed. Even when given sound and godly advice, they are often confused because there are so many voices! There are so-called prophets who are prophesying gloom and doom and there is no hope to be found in their words; they are void of the Father’s love. Some hoard food and other supplies in hopes of securing their survival. Few truly believe that God is a God of hope and that He will always open a door of provision. 
All at once I hear the voices of thousands of prayers. The ones the Lord allows me to hear are prayers fueled by fear; not one of them is spoken in faith! (This is not to say there are no prayers being prayed in faith – this is a side of prayer the Lord wants me to hear for His purpose.)  I realize these are all Christian voices because they end their prayers “in Jesus name”; however, this phrase is used more like a magic invocation than a holy petition.  These prayers seem to be founded by the false belief that repeating Jesus’ name will influence God to answer requests in their favor. Though Jesus taught us to pray in His name, it does not move the Father when we invoke His Son’s name while praying with an unbelieving and doubtful heart. I feel God’s disgust at this particular mindset. The Lord reveals it is superstition disguised as spirituality! He further reveals that when we pray in the name of Jesus, we are presenting to Abba all that Jesus has done and who He is to the Father. We are coming to God in the NAME of the KING, but more importantly, we are coming in the name of His Beloved Son! If we are to honor God with our prayers, we must present them knowing all things are possible for those who believe. My prayer is like the man in Mark 9:24, “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”
I look up expecting to see the fierce face of the Lord, but am surprised to see tears pouring down His face. I don’t mean just a few tears, but a flood of tears! His sorrow is tangible. The forest has grown awkwardly quiet, like all the animals are in mourning. James 1:5-8 comes to mind:
If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him. But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind. For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord; he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.
The water of His eyes becomes a true flood. Without warning I am knocked over backwards and tumble head-over-heels down the hill, over an embankment, and violently splash into the River! The waters have risen and I am swept away by the current. I come up gasping for air; the force of the water drives the arrows deeper and deeper into my flesh. I know if the Lord doesn’t do something I won’t survive. 
Suddenly I feel giant hands scoop me out of the water and I am carefully laid on a blanket in a meadow. It is very peaceful and I have a chance to catch my breath and ponder all this. There is a white fluffy cloud floating by above me and the sky is exquisitely blue.  The silence is broken when a songbird sings out with its lovely voice.  I realize I don’t feel the arrows sticking out of my body, but it seems they were somehow absorbed into my being. I struggle to understand what just happened. Why was I hit with the arrows and who launched them? (I didn’t see the Lord with a bow, yet they seemed to come from somewhere around or through Him.) Why did the Lord’s tears cause me to fall down the hill into the River? What is the purpose of all this and what does God want me to do? 
Then I recall an encounter I had some months back at the River.  I had not thought about it in some time and have never fully understood it. In that vision I was hit with an arrow by an archer named “Yarah” (see Strong’s Concordance H#3384). I thought he was trying to kill me but he repeatedly said, “It is not unto death but unto life.” This is when I realized it had been Yarah, Archer of the Lord, who had shot me with these four arrows.  These arrows are meant to bring death to “self” with all its defeating ways, and to penetrate the heart of the Church (who I represent in the River Visions). 
Contemplating the details of the arrows, I remember that each of the four arrows had “YHWH” engraved on the head. The first one had the word “power” written on the shaft and “compassion” on the fletching. The second had “love” written on the shaft and “authority” on the fletching; the third had “peace” on the shaft and “dominion” on the fletching; and the fourth and final arrow had the word “strength” on the shaft and “joy” on the fletching. I knew there was a reason the Lord had these in this specific order.
At this precise moment the Lord explains:
“Power is perverted if not joined to compassion. Love does not seek its own, but is guided by My authority. Peace will never be achieved through man’s dominion, but will only guard one’s heart and mind when dominion is in and through Me. The joy of the Lord is your strength, but joy found outside of Me is making My Church weak.
“Being still is standing. There is not a void of action when you stand. You are taking a position. Whether it be on a wall, in a battle field, or any place you find yourself. Standing is an action. (Please read Luke 1:19; Second Chronicles 20:17; Exodus 14:13; Ephesians 6:11)
The Lord is now the normal size of a man and is holding a silver star in His right hand. He shows it to me. I see it has six razor-sharp points on it with the words “faith” and “hope” repeatedly engraved on its tips. He gently put His left hand behind my head and unexpectedly and forcibly shoves this sharp star into my forehead. Even though I don’t feel any pain, I am shocked and not just a little confused! Before I can react He is quick to instruct, “As you stand, pray prayers filled with faith and hope. Let them cut through the doubt and unbelief you wrestle with in your daily walk with Me. Let faith and hope help you to divide between soul and spirit. Prayers fueled by faith and hope will honor your God and King. These are the prayers the Father answers with exact precision. You will see that My power is made perfect in your weakness as you approach Me with confidence.”
I acknowledge Him with a nod of understanding.  Jesus steps back and looks down at my midsection where the arrows had found their mark. I hear a ting – the sound of metal hitting the ground behind me. I hear this sound four times and I turn around and am surprised to see four keys lying on the ground. They are golden and radiant like the arrowheads which read “YHWH”!
As I lean down to pick them up, I feel something in my pocket and I pull out a gold key ring. I examine it closely and see the words, “faith” and “hope” inscribed on it, but superimposed on it is the word, “TRUTH”. I pick up the keys and study them as I put them on my new key ring. On the first key the words “power” and “compassion” were inscribed on either side. The next had the words, “love” and “authority”, the third had “peace” and “dominion” and the fourth had “strength” and “joy”. I put my new key ring with its keys in my pocket and feel an extraordinary sense of purpose and belonging.
The Lord’s smile is radiant as He looks at me and declares, “I give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; I need you to stand.”
~End Vision
Scriptures to ponder:
Luke 21:29-36; John 3:31-36; First Corinthians 13:4-7; 13; 15:58 and 16:13; Second Corinthians 12:9; Romans 12:11-13; Mark 9:23 and 11:24-26; Matthew 17:20; Hebrews 11:6; Psalm 89:28; Jeremiah 15:19-20; Ephesians 6:10-19; Second Chronicles 20:1-25
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Judy Bauman
Because of the blood of Christ we are fellow-citizens of God's household - being carefully joined to become a holy temple to the Lord. It is in this dwelling where God lives by His Spirit.
Vision Date: August 11, 2011
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