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Ferris Wheel

Get Me Off This Ferris Wheel

                  G                                                                           C                      G

We wonder how this world's gotten so cruel


We wonder why there is no peace

                             G                                                                      C                                   G

News reports tell us  were on our way to hell

                                                                                      D                                 G

Yet prayer in school is to cease


                           C                     G             D         G

Well get me off this Ferris Wheel

                                    C                 G                 D

I'm not gonna ride it anymore

                         G                                     C                 G

What we need is more love in our lives

                                                               D                G

We need to knock on Jesus door

                             G                                             C                                                   G

Are you excited about this Sunday's game?


The Dolphins are playin' today

                                           G                                                       C                          G

It's gonna be the best game of the year

                                                                                          D                      G

Let's get some chips and beer


                                   G                                                 C                                         G

If I told you I am drunk on God's Word


Would you step away from me?

                                                 G                                             C                G

What if I handed you a cold beer?

                                                                                            D                      G

Would guzzle it down with glee?






    G                                                   C            G

I hear Coolio is comin' to town


Do you know what he has found?

                                                          G                                            C           G

That it's better to be a star

                                                                                             D                                   G

Than to live in a gangster's paradise


                                           G                                                       C                     G

I turn on the TV and what do I see


An endless  show of the ungodly

                                              G                                                         C          G

A woman who wants to be a man

                                                                                                     D               G

And a man parading feminity


                                             G                                                            C            G

Oh they say your child is hyper-active


He needs something to calm him down

                                                    G                                                 C                 G

Well we have a pill to cure his ail

                                                                                                            D         G

Just put your faith in pharmacy


                                           G                                                            C                 G

Have you seen ads for the psychic line


They say they can tell you your fate

                                           G                                         C                                        G

Astrology has competition in these times

                                                                                             D                                     G

 Beware the first ten minutes are the gate







  G                                                                                  C                           G

Have you seen the toys children play with today


There's GI Joe, He-Man and Barbie (all Trade marked)

                             G                                                                              C                          G

Then we're shocked when they grow up and have

                                                                                           D                            G

Violent and anorexic tendencies


                                   G                                                                              C            G

We've got so much to do to get ahead


the rat-race we're on ever'day

                                           G                                                  C                 G

We need money for our homestead

                                                                              D                                                 G

Let's retire in style before we're gray


                                                          G                                                   C       G

Come quick and see this opportunity


All you do is contact your friends

                                           G                                           C                 G

You'll be an asset to your community

                                                                                               D                                    G

You'll have a lot of money to spend


                                   G                                                                       C                          G

Prostitutes and drag queens want your cash


Though you know you're to stay away

                                                 G                                                  C                         G

This lure will turn you to ash in a flash

                                                                                                         D                      G

Who's preaching it's normal to be gay?







                                           G                                                                       C               G

Hey I'm from the Government and I'm here to help


To keep you from losin' your way

                                           G                                  C                                          G

We'll take care of you from crib to crypt

                                                                                                    D               G

Help us to protect you from yourself



                                   G                                                 C                                         G

You say you don't believe there's a devil


Satan is just a myth

                                                 G                                                C                          G

The world's trouble is caused by rebels

                                                                                                     D                      G

Satan's the best at making rifts


                                                          G                                         C            G

Divorce statistics are a fact


It's easier to leave than stick around

                                                               G                                  C            G

Our families are under attack

                                                                                            D                      G

The children go 'round and 'round


                                   G                                                                       C                          G

Why if I say we need more love in our lives


You would quickly agree with me

                                                 G                                             C                G

But when I say knock on Jesus' door

                                                                                           D                      G

You don't see the missing key


Copyright © 1997 by Judy Briggs Bauman



Isa 48:22   Pro 1:7 & 22   Rom 1:22

Separation of Church and State(USA)

Gal 5:13-15   Luke 11:9-10   I Jn 5:21   IICo 10:3   I Th 4:3  

Col 3:5  

Prov 3: 7-8 & 17:22   Luke 4:40   Gal 5:19-23   Zec 10:2  

Rev 16:14& 22:15

Ps 106:36-37 & 107:18   Ja 2:19   I Tim 6:9-11   Rom 1:27  

Eph 5:3 & 18 

I Cor 6:15-20   I Pet 5:2   Matt 19:8-9   Mal 2:16   II Cor 3:14










My Dear Lord,

It was really  fun writing this song.  There are probably many more verses to this song yet to be conceived, but this is enough for now!  Thank you for your humor.  Things that used to seem so important that just don't quite mesh now just brought on this tune.  Thank you for my daily walk with you.  Please forgive me for what I have done against you and what I have failed to do for you. Thank you my Lord.           My Life is Yours, Judy                       6/21-23/97

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